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    • Dan Shea: (about getting the job of Siler on Stargate SG-1) Martin Wood was doing an episode and they were reading for this guy Siler and said I should read for him. So I went upstairs and Tasha, the extras girl on set, and I did my lines over and over again - and it wasn't happening. I don't know why. Sometimes it feels right and sometimes it doesn't. So I went up to the room and there's Brad Wright and Martin Wood and I just went back to my old stand-by of joking around, so I made everybody laugh. I thought, 'This is pretty cool, if they need somebody funny they'll hire me.' Unfortunately they didn't want anyone funny, they wanted Siler. So I went down on the set and Greenburg grabbed me. "Why did you do that? You made yourself look like a fool. They wanted to cast you if you were even half-way decent so get up and do it again." So I had to get the sides back and memorize it, because the words, the techno-stuff wasn't happening for me, sometimes it flows, other times it doesn't. So I went up and I did it straight. A couple of hours later then I got hired and then it just kept going and going.