Dan Wheldon

Dan Wheldon


6/22/1978, Emberton, England



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Daniel Clive Wheldon


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Dan was born on June 22nd, 1978, in Emberton, England.

After turning his back on the European racing scene due to a lack of opportunities, Dan moved to the United States in 1999 and spent several years in lower open-wheeled circuits such as the U.S. Ford Formula 2000 series,…more


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    • Dan: (After winning the 2007 IRL season opener at Homestead) It's a great way to open up the season. We worked very hard over the winter to improve on what we started last year. I think I underestimated how difficult the transition would be last year.

    • Interviewer: You've called Danica Patrick "hot" and "cute." Do you worry about sounding sexist?
      Dan: What do you want me to say, very pretty? OK, she's very pretty.

    • Dan: (ambitions to switch to F1) When my contract expires with [IRL team owner] Chip [Ganassi], I'll take a serious look at Formula 1, maybe more serious than I did last year.

    • Dan: (comparing himself to F1 driver Jenson Button) To tell you the truth, I'm surprised Honda paid so much to get Jenson out of his Williams deal because I personally think that if you give me the right time, I can certainly be as good, if not better. I'm sure every driver thinks that, but I certainly believe I can be as good.

    • Dan: (on winning both the Indy 500 and the IRL championship in 2005) To win both in the same year I think is an unbelievable achievement. I thought I would be able to do it in my career, but not so early. You think you're asking for too much for a championship. It's taken all the energy out of me.

    • Dan: (who in history he'd like to meet) Richard the Lion heart. I have his mural painted on the back of my helmets. When he fought, he fought with his heart, not with his head. This made him a formidable opponent.

    • Dan: I look back to when I was a rookie. You're up against guys that have been around, for not just a year or two, but you're talking 10 years.

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