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    • Dana:(About her co-star Noah Gray-Cabey) Oh man Noah is like, I love that kid. Like he is like the little brother I never got. I love him to death. I mean I have a little nephew who's 12 and so on the set Noah and I, it's just like we're just having fun and it's interesting because I'm the kind of actor who when I get into a role I sort of really get into it and a lot of my characters have been kind of sad and burdened and so now that I'm playing this fun loving character on the set, me and Noah are just like laughing, talking, we're getting in so much trouble. The other day we just got yelled at by the director because we're laughing and joking around and he's like "Dana, Noah, please." And we're just, it's so fun to work with him, you know. I think I'm like, you know, 12 years old at heart because me and Noah, he's like my best buddy now and the little actor who plays (Damon), his name is (Carlon), I just love him. We'll sit at the table on the set and we'll play with cars and we'll have arm wrestling fights and people are like, "hey Dana how old are you," you know. So, I have a lot of fun working with those kids. I love them to death.