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    • Dana:(About her training for "Heroes") Oh my God. You know, I was kind of thrown into it, just like I showed up for work. And they were like, "Guess what Dana, we're doing this." And so it was really hard on me because I came from it - like out of shape. I mean, I'm an actor, you know? And I don't even work out. I'm just like, you know, my idea of working out is going upstairs in my apartment. And so I had to do a lot of physical things right away, like the double-dutching and doing a lot of the karate. And I spent a lot of my weeks really, really sore at first. And so sort of have gotten into it now and I have a stunt double who works with me. And we're starting to work out, and they're starting to, you know, with some karate training. So at first I was just like blindly, just like here you go. But now it's gotten a little bit easier and the preparation is a little bit more.