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    • Dana: I auditioned for Gilmore Girls so many times. I remember they actually sort of wrote that part in for me, because I auditioned so much and they loved me and couldn't quite find a spot for me. So they brought me in an episode where Rory was having some dating problems. I think it was a Valentine's Day episode. She and Paris needed advice. I was the girl at school who knew all about love and romance. They kind of cornered me at lunch and I gave them all this advice – at like 100 miles per hour. It was just so fast on Gilmore Girls. You have to talk really fast. The director was like, 'Dana, let's do it again, but faster.' I remember being like – oh my God; I can't talk any faster than this. Then they brought me back for another episode as the same character, who just sort of was showing people around the campus.