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    • Dana: I came out here in 1997. I started auditioning in '98. I didn't start looking consistently until 2000. I literally went years without getting one part. I would go to hundreds of auditions and I never got anything. I started to get frustrated… but I never questioned what I was meant to do. I just sort of told God, if this is going to take ten years – I'll be here in ten years. If it's going to take twenty – I'll be here twenty. I'm not going anywhere. I sort of got comfortable, even not booking things. I was like; well I'm still going to audition if they'll have me. So by the time 2000 and 2001 rolled around, where I started to get things like Boston Public and The OC and things like that, I had waited long enough. I eased into it and I was so ready for it when it started to happen.