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  • One of the greatest actresses ever!

    It was such a schame that all of her shows in past few years got cancelled, Pasadena, Presidio Med, Kidnapped ... Then she joined Desperate Housewives and that was a huge move for her! She was such a great addition for DH. her acting is classy, brilliant and joy to watch. I hope she stays until the end of the series. I have never seen "China Beach", but the reviews for that shows are great, too. I wanna see her with Marg Helgenberger again! Those two have great chemistry, and I love Dana & Marcia Cross together on DH, two classy redheads :)
  • Dana Delany currently plays Katherine Mayfair on Desperate Housewives.

    Over the past several years, I've seen Dana Delany in several different TV shows, and I think that she always does an amazing job regardless of the role that she is playing, but I would definitely have to say that the role of Katherine Mayfair on Desperate Housewives is definitely my favorite of all the roles that I've seen her play. She plays the role of Katherine Mayfair so well, and she has been such a refreshing addition to Desperate Housewives. Katherine now ties with Bree in terms of who my favorite character on the show is, and that's definitely largely in part to Dana Delany's portrayal of Katherine. All in all, Dana really is an amazing actress, and I can't wait to see where she and the writers take the character Katherine as well as where Dana's career will go after Desperate Housewives is over.
  • I like Dana Delany

    I was introduced to Dana Delany from the show "China Beach". Her charcter was so multifaceted it just drew you in. I'll admit I have a soft spot for Irish Beauties and Ms. Delany is in the cnter of that soft spot. I watched her in the TV movie "true Women" I'll excuse her signing on for the movie"Exit to Eden" because I'm sure no one knew they were gonna try to turn that into a comedy.
  • Great addition!

    I wish she had been on the show from the beginning. She defiantly adds a great deal. She is probably the best actress on the show now. She was amazing in China Beach. I really enjoyed her story line last year. They need to give her a front line story this year, but I don't see it happening yet. To kill her off would be a big mistake. I liked her husband form last season also, to bad he isn't back. But she has great chemistry with just about anyone. I just hate seeing her on the back burner. *
  • What I've seen, I liked!

    Let me start this off by saying that I was never a fan of 'China Beach' or just about anything else which Ms. Delany has starred in so my first real encounter with Ms. Delany was not on the small screen but rather in the motion picture 'Tombstone'. Since that time I have managed to catch Ms. Delany in some of her guest roles on repeats of Cheers and Magnum, PI and was very impressed with her acting ability. For some reason though I just have not been able to turn on China Beach. With the rumors that Ms. Delany may finally join the cast of 'Desperate Housewives' (oddly enough, she had originally been considered for the role of Bree and turned it down), I am excited and worried as Ms. Delany would make a great addition to this stellar cast. My concern though is that producers will use Ms. Delany's character to try and reestablish failed plots.