Dana Rosemary Scallon

Dana Rosemary Scallon


8/30/1951, Derry (aka Londonderry), Northern Ireland (UK)

Birth Name

Rosemary Brown



Also Known As

Dana Scallon, Rosemary Brown, Rosemary Scallon, Dana, Dana Rosemary Brown, DANA
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Dana Rosemary Scallon was born Rosemary Brown on August 30, 1951 to a devout Catholic family in Derry, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. Along with brother Gerry and sister Susan, she grew up during The Troubles, that is during the more than 30 years of deadly bombing…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Dana ran for president of Ireland in 2011. She lost the race when she had to shift focus to unrelated allegations that she did not listen to her niece's needs more than 20 years eariler. The niece, a filmmaker in Iowa, announced in October of 2011that she would file a lawsuit in the U.S.aganst Dana over comments she made in a television broadcast declaring the allegations to be malicious.

    • Dana was known for pantomiming skills in Britain and Ireland as well for her singing, celebrity, faith, political runs, and acting.

    • Dana starred in a West End (London) production of "Snow White" and broke house attendance records.

    • Dana toured with British crroners Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdink.

    • Dana was born "Rosemary Brown," the daughter of Robert and Sheila Brown of Derry, Northern Ireland.

    • Before returning to Ireland to enter politics, and throughout her pop and Chritsian music careers, Rosemary Brown Scallon has spelled her public singing moniker in all capital letters as DANA.

    • DANA appeared as "Sheila" in the 1971 Columbia Pictures film The Flight of the Doves (a film about escape from England to Ireland) and sang the tune The Far Off Place in both Gaelic and English.

    • In 1999, Dana was voted by the readers of The Daily Catholic as one of the top 100 Catholics of the 20th century. Depending on how one counts, she was either number 80 or number 20. She was described as a "devoted wife and mother of four, who in mid-life put a successful singing career on hold while running for president of Ireland in an attempt to restore true Catholic values to her beloved emerald isle."

    • Dana participated in the Children's Worldwide Holy Hour at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 6, 2006.

    • In 2004, Mrs. Scallon was given the St. Benedetto award by the Vatican at a ceremony in Rome headed by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI. The award was given to thank Mrs. Scallon for efforts on behalf of the unborn. Mrs. Scallon was still an elected member of the European Parliament (MEP) from Connacht-Ulster when she received this award.

    • When Dana sang in Belfast in 2006 as part of the "Do Ye Come Here Often" concert series, after a long absence from performing, she received a standing ovation.

    • Dana did not sing in her hometown of Derry from 1997-2007. She returned to sing there, after ten years, at the Millenium Forum Theatre as part of the "Do Ye Come Here Often" concert series in the beginning of January 2007.

    • Dana is one of the best loved entertainers in Ireland, Britain, and the United States.

    • Because she felt her given name "Rosemary Brown" was too long to use professionally, this performer chose to use the name "Dana" -- an old Gaelic word meaning "bold" or "mischievous." There was also a Dana in history who was a queen of an ancient Irish tribe which had been dedicated to music, poetry, and dance.

    • DANA is known as Ireland's Pro-life Herone.

    • During the 1970's, as she racked up a string of hit pop singles in Europe, Dana was voted "The Most Popular Girl On Television" by a top selling British television magazine.

    • After winning the 1970 Eurovision Song Competition with "All Kinds of Everything," Dana emerged as one of Great Britain's most popular singing stars, with a string of hit singles as follows:

      Who Put The Lights Out
      Please Tell Him That I Said Hello
      It's Gonna Be A Cold Cold Christmas
      Never Gonna Fall In Love Again
      Something's Cooking In The Kitchen

      and albums including:

      All Kinds Of Everything
      The World Of Dana
      The Girl Is Back
      Have A Nice Day
      Love Songs and Fairytales
      Everything is Beautiful

    • Dana's single "All Kinds of Everything," with which she won the 1970 Eurovision Song Competition, entered the Swiss Music Charts on May 5, 1970 and stayed there for six (6) weeks. For three (3) of those weeks, it was in the peak position of the chart.

    • The Official Swiss Charts list the following as Pop Songs of DANA (at least those played in Switzerland):

      Always A Few Things
      Are You Still Mad At Me
      Bau dein Haus auf Liebe
      Be My Lover
      Channel Breeze
      Cold Cold Christmas
      Country Girl
      Crossword Puzzle
      Day By Day
      Do I Still Figure In Your Life
      Have Love Will Travel
      I Feel Love Comin' On
      I Love How You Love Me
      I Will Follow You
      If You Really Love Me
      It's Gonna Be A Cold Cold Christmas
      Look Before you Leap
      Never Gonna Fall In Love Again
      New Days New Ways
      Please Tell Him I Said Hello
      Put Some Words Together
      Skyline Pigeon
      Something's Cookin' In The Kitchen
      Spiel nicht mit mir und meinem Glück
      Who Put The Lights Out
      With A Little Love

    • Dana and Damien Scallon have four (4) lovely children together: Grace, Ruth, John James, and Robert.

    • Dana Rosemary Brown and Mr. Damien Scallon were married on October 5, 1978.

    • Accrding to the New York Times, Mrs. Scallon is credited with appearing in the following films (as DANA):

      1971 Flight of the Doves, as the character "Sheila"

      1975 Girl with the Long Hair, as the character "Dana"

      1976 Love Swindlers, as the character "Anna"

      Other sources also include her appearance in the following film:

      1977 Deadly Angels, as the character "Woman Agent"

    • When DANA returned to Derry after winning the 1970 Eurovision Song Competition in Amsterdam, she was met at the airport by 5000 people--a large crowd in those days.

    • DANA was accompanied to both the 1969 and the 1970 Eurovision Song Competitions, in which DANA performed, by her mother and her grandmother.

    • The Eurovision Song Competition of 1970, in which DANA won first place, took place in Amsterdam on March 21st of that year.

    • DANA won the coveted first place for the Irish entry in the 1970 Eurovision Song Competition with the pop tune "All Kinds of Everything."

    • Dana came in second in the 1969 Eurovision Song Competition with the tune "Look Around."

    • Mrs. Scallon lived near and was an acquaintance of actress Roma Downey when both of their families (the Browns and the Downeys) resided in Derry, Northern Ireland.

    • Dana attended Thornhill College in Derry, Northern Ireland before winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 1970 and being launched overnight into a pop singing career.

    • Dana grew up during "The Troubles" in Northern Ireland in which Protestants and Catholics shed one another's blood in constant armed conflict. When all of Ireland learned of her Eurovision win -- the first for Ireland, ever -- Irish army leaders called a cease-fire in the country. A state of celebration began and peace and harmony existed for days.

    • DANA had wanted to teach English before winning the Eurovision song contest. Upon winning the contest in 1970, the flurry of activity surrounding DANA prevented her from returning to college and she was launched into an overnight singing career as an Irish singing sensation.

    • Dana's birth family was active in St. Eugene Parish in Derry, Northern, Ireland when Dana was growing up.

    • It was announced on June 21, 2005 that Dana Rosemary Scallon had announced she is to write a book detailing her political career. She served as a member of parliament (MEP) for Ireland after leaving the EWTN network in the United States.

  • Quotes

    • Dana Rosemary Scallon: (Regarding the proposition of a completely secularized European Constitution) Christianity has promoted those values which have made European culture universally appreciated. It is necessary once again to defend the Christian heritage, without which it is unthinkable to speak of Europe.

    • Dana Rosemary Scallon: (Dublin, Ireland, July 24, 2003) Christian tradition, a fact of European history, cannot be denied.

    • Mrs. Scallon: (Regarding one constitution for a European Superstate deliberately kept vague so the average citizen did not have a say in developing the constitution) From the very beginning, [the Treaty of] Nice was an attempt to establish a political Europe with its own government. But the people weren't told that. The media presented the treaty as necessary for expansion, and the Irish government—who knew it meant a political Europe—didn't state that plainly. The treaty was about reducing our sovereignty and independence. Our constitution protects life and the family. The European constitution will take precedence over our own Irish constitution. There has been no informed political debate.

    • Mrs. Scallon: (Regarding the governments position to keep businesses open on the day of Pope John Paul II's funeral) The people of this country want to pay respect to this man and a national day of mourning is the way it should be done.

    • Mrs. Scallon: (Regarding the governments position to keep businesses open on the day of Pope John Paul II's funeral) People want to be able to stand in solidarity with this man. He has been described in so many ways as the greatest spiritual leader of the 20th century.

    • Mrs. Scallon: (Regarding the governments position to keep businesses open on the day of Pope John Paul II's funeral) This is being done entirely over the heads of the people and what they want. It is entirely disrespectful to the Pope and all of his works.

    • Mrs. Scallon: (Regarding the governments position to keep businesses open on the day of Pope John Paul II's funeral) This is a decision of the government over the heads of the people, if the government puts the needs and wants of money over what the people want today then what does that say about Ireland?

    • Dana: (Comments after losing her re-election campaign for the position of Member of the European Parliament from Connacht-Ulster) I have had a wonderful five years and will be watching what these candidates do in Europe very closely. I`ll be back.

    • Mrs. Scallon: (Regarding political polls suggetsing whe would lose worse than she did in her second run for the European Parliament) It`s time to question the validity of these polls and whether they should have them at times when they can manipulate votes.

    • Mrs. Scallon: We certainly gave the big parties a run for their money.

    • Mrs. Scallon: (Regarding the close re-election voting results for the Member of the European Parliament seat from Connacht-Ulster) The size of the Sinn Fein vote was unexpected - it`s certainly been a surprise - but considering the odds I am delighted with the support I received.

    • Mrs. Scallon: (Regarding the close re-election voting results for the Member of the European Parliament seat from Connacht-Ulster) I was battling against the odds from the beginning and it`s come down to a few thousand votes which could have seen me take the third seat,

    • Dana: I hope nobody in Derry has forgotten me after 10 years without a song.

    • Dana: I`m nervous about how I`ll be received, but now I`m back singing again and loving it...singing for my supper is really what I do best.

    • Mrs. Scallon: ( Regarding career politician's snide remarks about her run for the Irish Presidency in 1997 as a non-party candidate relating traditional Christian values and morals) Some media intellectuals make fun of my candidacy, but I hope, in all humility, that the ordinary God-fearing people of Ireland will not. I am for real.

    • Mrs. Scallon: (Regarding lobbies pushing the 2002 European Parliament to push for legal abortion throughout Europe) There is certainly an attempt to include the right to kill among human rights, whether it be of conceived children or sick elderly people.

    • Mrs. Scallon: (Accusing the Irish government of not doing enough to defend the Irish Constitution in the wake of a European Commission decision to approve funding for research on 'spare embryos' from In-Vitro Fertilization treatments in July of 2003) This flies in the face of democracy and reduces Ireland's Constitution to nothing other than a reference book.

    • Mrs. Scallon: As a matter of conscience and of my own integrity, my position must remain the same as it has always been - that I uphold the dignity of every human being from conception to natural death.

    • DANA: Just stand back and watch what happens because the prayers of children are so powerful.

    • DANA: I think everybody knows, children know, that their family is their safety.

    • Dana said: I was very resistant to being actively involved in pro-life work. I knew the teaching (of the church), but I didn't feel motivated. (Then) I had a threatened miscarriage at eight weeks, and sitting in the hospital, waiting to know if my baby was alive or not, I thought if I could talk to my baby, she would know how much I love her. I thought, 'A lullaby. That's how you speak to a baby,' and a little lullaby literally popped into my head, called 'Little Baby Yet Unborn.' That song led us into active pro-life work.

    • DANA: I've kind of been out of the Christian music ministry because I was in politics. Now Damien and I have set up a little music ministry called DS Music and I've started recording Christian music again. I suppose that's where my heart has always been.

    • DANA: I love doing outreaches and concerts in churches or at conferences. I love singing to people.

    • DANA: My whole life has been sharing music, and in more recent years, sharing the Christian music that we've written.

    • DANA: Luckily, we are told that if you sing, you pray twice.

    • Mrs. Scallon: I believe that at the start of each new presidential term, it is good for democracy that the new president should have received the mandate of the citizens of this country. That is the reason I am running--14 years without an election is too long.

    • Dana: (Regarding why she wanted to run for the Irish presidency in 2004) Because I passionately believe that there should be a contest for the Presidency of Ireland. The office of the president belongs to the people of Ireland. It is not a gift of the establishment that can be passed on at will.

    • Mrs. Scallon: (Regarding the Irish Farmers Association Tractor Protest in early January, 2003) We must do all possible to ensure the survival of this vital indigenous industry and we must not forget that when our farming community thrives, so will the nation.

    • DANA: (Her thoughts on life and success reported to The Florida Catholic newspaper) Pray a lot that God's perfect will for us will be done. Trust him — if it is what he wants for us ... he will open the doors. Pray a lot.

    • DANA: (After her Eurovision win in 1970) Everything went crazy. I was launched overnight into a singing career.

    • DANA: (After her Eurovision win in 1970) I wanted to teach English, but I couldn't go back to school.

    • DANA: When people struggle and they don't have work, they survive by their faith and often by their music and culture.

    • DANA: Derry was very disadvantaged. It was the center of what we call 'The Troubles' for 31 years.

    • DANA: It was extraordinary, an unbelievable experience for the people in the North when the times were so difficult. There were so many bombings. There were so many deaths. People were struggling with their own disbelief that this could happen in Ireland.

    • DANA: I don't know if people can appreciate what it was like for the pope to come to Ireland.

    • DANA: The Holy Father made us feel better — better about ourselves and better about our future.

    • DANA: 'Be not afraid' were the first words I remember John Paul II speaking to the waiting world on the day of his election as our pope. A towering international figure, acknowledged as one of the great leaders of modern times, his tireless work for peace and reconciliation, his love and compassion touched the hearts and souls of millions of people throughout the world.


    The sweetest person I have ever met, very talented too. Has a very good sense of humour. Miss seeing her on tv and on shows locally.