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  • Dane Cook? More like Dane Crook.

    It seems that the rest of the world is finally catching up with what I knew all along, Dane Cook sucks more than that tube thingy the dentist uses. If your movie career invlves romantic comidies with both Jessica Simpson and Alba, and those two hacks outshined you, it is time to pack it in. Goodbye Dane Cook , I wish I could say it has been a pleasure, but you are a horrible comedian, a terrible actor, and I bet you smell like Funions and Axe Body Spray.
  • Dane Cook is my idol.

    Dane Cook is a genius among genius'. You see Dane Cook in a movie or doing stand-up and you will love him. It's a simple fact of the matter that his main reason for success is his energy. He can not stay still and that is what makes him so funny there is an action to his every word. Dane Cook is so in tune with how people feel. He is not just telling a joke to an audience he's telling the whole world a little story about himself. This man has really gone places since I first saw him he is an amazing comedian this man is my idol. He has helped me to follow my dream of being a comedian. Dane Cook is an amazing person and I really appreciate how hard he works to make people laugh.
  • Talentless Hack

    Dane Cook is a talentless hack. No talent at all is there to found in this hack's unoriginal body. Jumping around the stage and saying "dude" every third word does not equal comedy. Comedy is usually jokes, sometimes it can be songs or physical comedy or a hundred other things but Dane Cook does none of those. Also, he seems like a huge jerk, everything I read about him is about how he lets his dog poo all over his apartment complex or says awful things about other comedians who don't have half his fame. I wish potheads and 12 year olds weren't allowed to buy CDs then this guy wouldn't be famous. Oh and let's not forget the millions of mentions of this guy stealing the only decent material he's ever done, hasn't it pretty much been proven that this guy isn't just a hack he's a joke thief? Anyway Dane Cook sucks and I hope he goes away soon.
  • Um, not funny.

    I don't get why people think Dane Cook is so hilarious. He seems like he is a decent person away from the stage, but I just don't get it. Everything he has been in seems just like his previous work. He either falls down, gets outsmarted, or does the same tired material as he has done in all of his stage work. I don't think people with agree with me, but the dude is not funny. I can think of a billion other people who are funnire and more entertaining than he is. Overall, I can't understand all the commotion. Thank you.
  • empty

    he is out there making people laugh and see the funny side of life. what are we doing?? were writing blogs that mean nothing, who are we to judge?
  • overrated

    Dane cook is one of the best comedians form the comedy central crowd. He is not the best everyone thinks he is so great. He is ok i dont why he is in so many movies. He is nowhere near where my favorite comedian George Carlins level. He isnt anywhere near my 2nd favorite richard pryor ethier. I think he is a comedian for young people (even though I am a young person). His jokes arent about politics or society but about dating and doing stupid things. He is worth watching hopefully he fades out in a couple of years i am done with him.
  • Dane Cook is the comedian for people who don't know good comedy. He's not bad, but he is lengths behind some of his contemporaries.

    Dane Cook is not the greatest comedian ever, and he is not hilarious. Everybody calm down. I got really irritated while watching Vicious Circle. It wasn't a terrible special, and some of his jokes were funny. The crowd was the problem. Its like an arena full of drunken frat boys and middle school girls. Everybody went crazy for punchlines that weren't that good, and it was like a rock concert. Good for him that he can get people that into his act, but he doesn't deserve the attention he gets. Some of his fans are idiots, and wouldn't know a good comedian if he smacked them in the face. His fan base turns me off, and his material isn't great. (He does commit well though) I can recommend at least 20 better comedians if that's your looking for. He's not bad, but his stand up isn't amazing and he does get irritating.
  • Can't help but love him.

    I absolutely LOVE Dane Cook. He's funny, a good actor, a good singer, and he just seems like such a sweetheart! He's so talented in every single thing that he does and I can't wait to hear and see even more from him. He's absolutely fantastic! If you haven't ever heard his stand up, do it! Don't think just do it! He can turn any frown upside down and just leave you rolling on the floor laughing at his comedy no matter how much you've heard his stuff. So jump on the Dane Train and laugh like you've never laughed before. Su Fi you BAMFs!
  • The funniest guy alive!!!!!!

    Dane Cook puts other comedians to shame!! I just can't get enough of his wise a== anticts!! If you watch him just once you will understand how I fell in love with him:)He's Like a mix between David Letterman and Jenson Ackles! I can't wait until he comes out with new comedy acts on HBO and New movies I really really like how funny and real he is. He says whats on his mind. For those of you that don't like him; Shame on You!! He's Dane Cook for Christ sakes!! Watch one of his shows then tell me he's not funny!
  • Funny as a Heart Attack

    Yeah sorry, I've seen Dane Cook 'perform' and it's just really bad. If he has any comedic talent he hides it extremely well.
    He's actually more talented as an actor than as a stand-up comic; so he should stick to acting from now on.

    MadTV's Ike Barinholtz did a dead-on impression of Dane Cook lampooning his lack of talent.

    The sad thing is, Ike Barinholtz's impression is funnier than Dane Cook could ever dream of being.

    He's from the same lame ass school of comedy as Ashton Kutcher so you know we're in trouble right there.
    If this is all the next generation of comics has to offer it's extremely sad indeed.
  • Sorry, I guess if you're not 13, then you can't find this guy funny.

    We had some relatives rave about him, and friends as well... how funny this Dane Cook was. We love a good stand up act, so we found some of his material and burnt it to a CD to listen in the car for some trips. We happened to be going on a trip soon after so we popped the CD in the player. Needless to say, after 5 minutes, my husband removed the CD from the player and tossed it out the window. His jokes were just... bad... unoriginal, and dare i say, potty humor. I'm sure lots of people find him funny, like pre-teens, and extremely immature adults. But I couldn't STAND him.
  • silly b*tch

    well besides the fact that dane cook is a silly b*tch, hes AWESOME!! i jsut love like everything that comes out of his mouth. hes one of the best comedians, definitely my new favorite. i can go on youtube and just watch his videos for hours. "hellooooooooo! im a caaarrrrr! gas-o-line makes me run bbaackkksseeaaatttt ttrruunnkkk sppaacceee" haha. thats one of the best. the last one i saw was the cheats one. with the hard wood floors. "cchhheeaattteerr! lliiaarr! SHE LOVED YOUUU.. you're a loser" "shut up and ill buy you a rug!" lol.. so amazing, i cant wait to see what he does next!
  • empty

    I hate to do this to you Dane Cook fans, but the man is just not that funny. Acting is certainly not his forte and is slightly better at stand-up comedy. I think that he plays it too safe in his act and needs to branch out and play to adults rather than a younger audience.
  • empty

    Ah, I hate to do this, but I feel that I must. Dane Cook, while I think he is mildly funny, is just a terrible actor. He should stick to stand-up comedy. Acting is just not his forte and he is certainly not a leading man.
  • Funny but repititive.

    Dane Cook is one funny guy but having watched a lot of his stand up and having purchased 2 of his stand up CDs I've noticed that he uses a lot of the same jokes. Don't get me wrong, Dane Cook is absolutely hilarious. He's probably one of the few stand up comics out there that has actually made me crack up while watching them on TV instead of live (I don't know what it is about watching live stand up that makes it funnier but maybe that's just me). I'd go to one of his shows but I don't know if I'd go for at least a few more years when he starts reusing jokes I haven't heard yet.
  • Dane Cook is awesome...

    DAne Cook has to be one of the funniest people on this planet, he starred in Employee of The month and currently does standup. His material shares a close resemblance to Jerry Seinfeld's, except Dane Cook prefers to yell and swear and throw stuff, which is actually quite entertaining. He talks about his childhood and how chunks of unstirred ovaltine would explode in his eyes, how he worked at the "BK Lounge" and how hes afraid of the Kool-Aid guy. Most of the humor comes from his awesome coice impressions, and how hes always throwing things, and jumping around the stage, and yelling, i reccomend Dane Cook to anyone who doesn't mind profanity, and yelling the word "MEEEAHHH!" alot.
  • Though he is becoming one now...

    First thing: Who s*** on the coats? Who here is becoming a Phatom? WHO? I could fill up this review 100 times with just his lines. But he is great. Punching bees, snorting Nestle Quick, working at Burger King and at minituaire gold courses? He is a talented comedian with many funny stories to tell. Plain and simple, he is funny entertaining. All I got left to say is "This huge talking bowl of fruit punch comes crashing through your window. And then the drink out of him, out of debris fell in his dumb head! I'd be like 'crashing through the wall is cool, using the front door is cool DONT TOUCH Me YOU DRINK! I'll kick you in the tights, and you'll go down, you're topheavy. I don't like it when juice wears tights. It's scary!'" ROFLMAO
  • Will go down in history as one of the legendary comics.

    Dane Cook is one of the funniest people alive today. He is so energetic and charismatic and that is what causes him to get so many laughs and fans. People like him because everyone can relate to him, he talks about the little details about every day life that most comics tend to over-look, but everyone experiences. Even some of the most random, absurd experiences and stories he describes, people can relate to, and that's what makes it so funny. He points out stupid little tendencies that we experience through daily life, relationships, and the general stupid American way of thinking. He always has a high energy and isn't afraid to talk about anything. That's why he will go down in history as one of the greatest comics ever.
  • HILARIOUS, one of my favorite comedians. actually one of the only comedians i like!!!

    HE is so funny, i dont even know how he comes up with all of his stuff, its just spectacular. i hope he comes back to Boston so that i can get to see him, i missed him this time around. but he is fanatical!!! i cant wait till his movie comes out, he is just so awesome! everytime i hear him, i cant help but laugh, its just so hard not too. i think he is one of the best comedians to come out of comedy central, and i hope he stays around for really really long time. AMAZING!!!!
  • Dane Cook is the funniest!

    Dane Cook is probably one of the funniest people ever. I know that he will go down in comedy history as one of the greatest comedians of all time. He has 2 comedy CD's out and I have them both. The first was "Harmful if Swallowed" and the second is "Retaliation". They are both awesome. If you have never heard Dane Cook try to hear him as soon as possible. The first time I heard him I started to laugh out loud. He is just plain and simple, one of the best comedians to ever walk the face of the earth.
  • I put Dane Cook as one of the all time greats because he is well on his way.

    Dane Cook has taken bounds in the past few months. Finely getting the attention he worked so hard for and deserves. He has paid his dues and now his colors are really going to shine!

    If anyone has listened to his harmfull is swallowed c.d. or watched his included dvd you already know. Dane Cook is " The Comedy MAN".

    If you have seen his comedy you can't help but laugh. His entergetic, fly around the stage, laugh at his own jokes makes his comedy so much more entertaining. It's Hi-larious. Have you checked out his web site? www.danecook.com It is worth poking around. Just listing to his tid bits of jokes is to funny. So don't be lazy move you mouse to the top and check out dane cook.

    He will have you laughing, you will probley wet your pants, I know I have a few times!!

    I swear this guy is my future husband! He is EVERYTHING a guy should be... personality wise... I mean I dont really know him. But regardless, he is hilarious, talented, original, outgoing, handsome, he has a great body, awesome charisma, the cutest face in the world, and he is just all around AMAZING!
  • this is an awsome guy

    i flipping love him..he is my idol...of course he has a cult with us kids..me and my friend even started one in his hounor...i liove him beyong belif..like i love him on a while new leel of love...he iss soo funny....its not even funny how funy he is..i just totaly contradicted myself
  • I saw him on another TV show awhile ago and I think he is the funniest person on the planet! Nobody can do what he can do! He is the best!

    Who is the one person on TV that can make you laugh so hard that you almost pee your pants? The one and only Dane Cook. When I recently saw him on television special I couldn't stop laughing! The things that he says and the actions that he does along with them are sooooooo hilarious! His timing is absolutely perfect! There is no one who could even begin to compare to his talent. He is the most absolute, funniest person that I know of on the planet! He's the best!! GO DANE!!!
  • Absolutely hilarious. One of a Kind. A future Legend.

    Dane Cook is the biggest thing in stand-up comedy sonce Steve Martin. His debut comedy CD "Harmful If Swallowed" has sold over 250,000 copies to date since it's release in 2003. Earning him an almost cult-like following among the teenage generation. He appeared on Comedy Central's Premium Blend in 1998, where he received a standing ovation, and had his own half-hour special on Comedy Central Presents Dane Cook. He has also appeared many times on shows such as Late Night with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Last Call with Carson Daly, and Jimmy Kimmal Live. His new CD/DVD "Retaliation" sold 86,000 copies in it's first week in release and landed at number 4 on the billboard charts. the first time a comedy album has made it into the top 5 since Steve Martin's "A Wild and Crazy Guy" hit number 2 in 1979. He is filming a tv series called cooked. He will also be in the film Waiting with Ryan Reynolds, Anna Farris, and Justin Long. Also, he will be in the film London with Jessica Biel and Chris Evans.