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    • Dane Cook: April 15th, 2006 is the day my 16 year journey took me to new heights. I finally accomplished my most personal goal. To return to Boston and film my very own HBO Special. 2 sold out shows. 18,000 seats filled. 36,000 people sat around my center stage setup and what happened next was a once in a lifetime event.

      Until you have a chance to see it debut on HBO just know that I poured 16 years of desire into those performances. I've already seen some of the footage and I was in awe. It looks like a dream.

      I have to thank everyone involved with this night. The fans first off. You brought this show out of me and put this show in me! All the people on my team, many with me for a decade. My family. I love you guys and it was emotional seeing you all around me after the gig. HBO for trusting me and letting me do it my way. My friends. Bobby, Al, Jay(s), Gary -- for taking the time out of your busy careers. The whole crew for your time and effort. The stage looked f-ing awesome SperFinger to you all.

      Were there some f-ups? Yup. Some sound issues, crazed fans rushing the stage? Yes - but it all was a part of the adventure but you all stayed patient and we worked through it. In the end its all going to cut together like a dream and you will be proud to say you were there I promise. The first show was an hour and a half and the second show two hours and thirty minutes!

      I've got so many things up my short sleeve. If you think this is the peak you're wrongified. This was the place I needed to get to. Where I could look out and know I or anyone can get whatever we want if we just work insanely hard towards it. To trust your vision.