Dani Filth





7/25/1973 , Holon, Israel

Birth Name

Daniel Lloyd Davey




Daniel Lloyd Davey, or Dani Filth as he's better known and after having his name legally changed to the latter, is the lyricist and singer for black metal band Cradle Of Filth. He is also an artistic director for the band and appeared as The Man in Alex Chandon's film Cradle Of Fear, a derranged psycho on a mission to take revenge on his father's captors and persecutors.

In 2003, Dani provided the voice of Dominator in the animated film of the same name. He is the only member of Cradle Of Filth to be with the band since it's formation in 1991 and has been accused by former band members that he fired, of regarding the group as his own solo project.

He currently lives in Suffolk with his wife Toni and their daughter Luna.