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  • Dani filth is god. BUT, I have some things to point out. Errors in the bio you wrote.

    Dani filth is my god, of course. He is amazing, talented, hot, and gorgeously delicious. But, I must point out a few mistakes you all made when writing his biography. If you had visited the offical, made by the band, Cradle of Filth website, you would have seen that Dani\'s birthplace was NOT in Israel. Its in Hertford, England.
    The website, in Dani\'s section, WRITTEN BY DANI, also clearly states that he is NOT married, and Toni is ONLY a girlfriend. However, they have been together for fourteen years, so they may as well be married.Outside of that, everything looks great.

    To visit the Cradle of Filth website, go to (note, I dont know if the link will work.. but..) CradleofFilth.com.

    All of the correct information, as well as some delightful tidbits, are on that site.

  • One of the best English black metal singers of all time!

    Dani is one of the most talented singers ever. I mean his vocal range is astonishing, from the deep growling to the high pitched screaming.

    He could out sing alot of the starts that dominate the charts, as his talent knows no bounds. It seems that every album Cradle release, he gets better and better. I've been a long time fan now for 7 years, after hearing From Cradle To Enslave, I was hooked on Cradle. And now that they've signed to Roadrunner, we should see more of Dani and Cradle of Filth.

    Basically, he rules! No two ways about it. Check his fantastic singing on the Cruelty And The Beast album. That is by far the best album that Cradle have released to date, with the exception of the Nymphetamine album. Highly recommended.
  • Very good singer.Great lyrics.

    Dani filth is a talented man, with great dark poetic lyrics,Cradle of Filth is an Extreme Goth Metal band,i own three of there album's. i recommend, Midian,Damnation and a Day,Nymphetamine. Dani orginally appeard in the movie (Cradle of Fear). the guy that said dani can't sing has no knowledge of dani.
  • Cant sing.

    Dani Filth can not sing! I listened to his/hers (looks like a chick, but might be a guy)
    music and all i heard was a bunch of screaming.. Now that to me is not music at all.. So i say you should'nt buy any Dani Filth CD because it cant sing for crap.
  • I think that Dani Filth is a great music writer and is just trying to express himself through his songs.As in his song "Nymphetamine"The people who are afraid of him or do not understand his music should not be, listen to the lyrics.

    Dani Filth is not the guy people really think he is.To me he is a person lost in his tragic events.Though people think that they are satan worshipers, they are not.I look at the band and think wow what a great thing of the talent being used to perform their songs.Their Guitar playing is the best I have ever heard.Better then the legends of the past such as Metallica.Anyone who wants to enjoy music like I do should really check out this band.Trust me u will fall in love with their wonderful music.I know i did.So I think that Cradle Of Filth should go down in history as one of the best bands in the world by far.
    ~Big Boy~