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  • One of the best English black metal singers of all time!

    Dani is one of the most talented singers ever. I mean his vocal range is astonishing, from the deep growling to the high pitched screaming.

    He could out sing alot of the starts that dominate the charts, as his talent knows no bounds. It seems that every album Cradle release, he gets better and better. I've been a long time fan now for 7 years, after hearing From Cradle To Enslave, I was hooked on Cradle. And now that they've signed to Roadrunner, we should see more of Dani and Cradle of Filth.

    Basically, he rules! No two ways about it. Check his fantastic singing on the Cruelty And The Beast album. That is by far the best album that Cradle have released to date, with the exception of the Nymphetamine album. Highly recommended.