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  • Dani filth is god. BUT, I have some things to point out. Errors in the bio you wrote.

    Dani filth is my god, of course. He is amazing, talented, hot, and gorgeously delicious. But, I must point out a few mistakes you all made when writing his biography. If you had visited the offical, made by the band, Cradle of Filth website, you would have seen that Dani\'s birthplace was NOT in Israel. Its in Hertford, England.
    The website, in Dani\'s section, WRITTEN BY DANI, also clearly states that he is NOT married, and Toni is ONLY a girlfriend. However, they have been together for fourteen years, so they may as well be married.Outside of that, everything looks great.

    To visit the Cradle of Filth website, go to (note, I dont know if the link will work.. but..) CradleofFilth.com.

    All of the correct information, as well as some delightful tidbits, are on that site.