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  • Please stick to Indy.

    I sure hope that Danica Patrick stays with Indy. Not that I am trying to rag on her, but the truth is she will be way over her head if she thinks she can do NASCAR. She doesn't really understand what she is getting into and she needs to also understand that she will never be able to be at the talent level as the drivers already there. That said, she is hot, but she needs and attitude adjustment. Overall, I must say she needs to improve her skills, attitude, and her approach to the game. But she needs to want to. Thank you.
  • Big Fan...

    In 2005 the Indy car series got a huge boost when David Letterman and Bobby Rahal signed Danica Patrick to their team. It was the week leading up to the Indy 500 that I first heard of Danica Patrick as she was on every sports show and news network, with all the talk about her I decided to tune in to watch the race. From that race on I've been a die-hard Indy fan, Danica Patrick soon became my favorite driver on the field, it was because of her that I became hooked on this series. I look forward to cheering Danica on as she wins her first race.
  • Nothing here to brag about

    Don't get me wrong! I have nothing against Danica Patrick and I do think she is quite attractive but that is where it ends. Danica is nothing special when it comes to the track. Yes, she led the Indy 500 but she did not earn that lead but rather inherited it by everyone else ahead of her pitting on caution while she stayed out. I think Danica is average driver who the networks have made more out of because of her sex and age than her skills. You have to ask yourself, If Danica was a man and had the same record, would we even know who they are? Chances are NO.
    I would have given Danica a higher score but I think her constant excuses and genuine crabbiness (not the word I have used) after a race cost her points with me. So-so did not race me right, and so-so did not let me by are poor excuses for not only a so-so driver but a so-so person in general.
  • She drives very fast and is really good looking.

    Danica Patrick is a good driver and she will be better next year. She drives fast, controls the car well and gets people to watch IRL races.

    Like many people, 2005 marked the first time I watched the Indy 500 race since the CART-IRL split. At first it was easy because IRL had people they just pulled off the street doing the racing. Who wants to watch “the Greatest Spectacle in Racing” if the race is going to come down to a battle between Bubba from the gas station and Curtis the local pharmacist? While I wasn’t watching, the top CART teams slipped over to IRL one at a time. Now IRL has all the good drivers and CART features Bubba & Curtis.

    Now when I think open-wheel racing, I think Dave Letterman. So when Dave’s team won the Indy 500 in 2004, it caught my attention. Then this year when Dave said the beauteous Danica would be driving for him I took notice. When she qualified in the first row, I knew my boycott of Indianapolis had run its course.

    I saw it. It was good. Danica nearly won. Even though she didn’t win, she’s still really pretty. That’s not a bad thing. Other people besides me are watching IRL. The more people they get to watch, the more the sponsors pay and the more money all the teams get.

    I feel my life is enriched every time I see Danica on a magazine cover. She’s pretty, she drives, and everyone is better off for it. That’s a good thing.