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    • Daniel Agger: (Speaking about the defeat from Milan in Champions League 2007 final) I was disappointed some hours after the match, but that doesn't help. It's a game and it is not possible to win every time. I would like to try and win the Champions League and that requires a lot of hard work and not to look back.

    • Daniel Agger: (Speaking about the forthcoming UEFA Champions League final, on May 23rd 2007) This is by far the biggest thing I've ever been involved in in my career. I won't know how big it is until I run out on to the pitch in Athens for the first time. I'm really excited by this game and normally I am very calm and collected. Of course we can win the Champions League again. We have to believe that we can do it and if we didn't believe it, we would not have got past Barcelona and Chelsea and to the Final. It has just been such a great couple of days. After the game we went into town and got back rather late. We painted the town red and I just hope we are celebrating again in Athens.