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Daniel Benzali

Daniel Benzali


1/20/1950, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Daniel was born in Brazil to Jewish parents. He has two brothers. When Daniel was quite young, his father passed away and his family moved to Brooklyn. He was married to Lynda Medwell from 1976 to 1984.


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  • It's amazing to me that he doesn't have a series on the air right now.

    Aside from seeing him in guest spots or in movies, my first real exposure to Daniel Benzali came in "Murder One," and he blew me away. He had a "calm in the storm" aspect at times that he could shed completely when he was in court. His was a nuanced performance that you don't often see on TV...usually actors are overreaching, overemoting, talking without saying anything. Benzali is so measured, so meticulous, every word out of his mouth is a gem and every movement seems natural. I loved hearing his thoughts on the Ted Hoffman character on the "Murder One" DVD, and how he saw Hoffman as a Philip Marlowe character in a modern-day film noir.

    I saw that he made a few appearances on "Jerhico," but he needs to be back on TV on a more regular basis. I'd love to see him as a defense attorney on "Law & Order," or as a lead in a drama.moreless