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  • this reviewed based on his Episode of last week's Simpson's.

    This guy might have made some better stuff, but when you write a show to intentionally make people mad, and when it seems forced anyways, that's bad writing. I have ahear alot of people say that, and it's too bad because it was the episode when they showed the preview for the upcoming Simpson's movie, which I didn't care for the preview, and that had nothing to do with this episdoe. The show has been doing this for the last couple of season's, so you can't blame this one writer for that, however this episode was very badly written. I can take a joke, and it wasn't totally just because they were making fun of the people who give them the right to voice their opinions, which is a pretty ignorant and hypocriotical of them. It would be different if it was a couple of jokes, but it was the whole episode, and turned from a joke, to their propaganda once again. I used to be a huge Simpson's fan before anyone tries to say I just hate the show, but over the last few years I stopped watching, I have talked to some friends who have told me they did the same. It wasn't planned to all stop, it's not a boycott, or anything like that I just don't care to watch propaganda.moreless
  • This guy is good.

    Seriously, all the Simpson episodes he has written were thoroughly enjoyable. People who say he hasn't written anything good should be ashamed. He started writing the Simpsons episodes in Season 17, where the series was sort of falling off, and most of the ideas were taken already, so you can't blame him. Anyways, this guy will pump out a really good Simpsons episode one day that will be the greatest of all.moreless