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Daniel Clark

Daniel Clark


10/14/1985, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Birth Name

Daniel Allen Clark


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Daniel Allen Clark was born on October 14th 1985. He's had cameos in many different shows, as well as been the main character in quite a few series. His younger brother, Robert Clark, is also an actor. Daniel is well known to many people as Sean Cameron from…more


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    • About his favorite season of Derassi...
      "All time favorite season is number three, because it is so intense and it really "went there" and it was probably the best one to film too, I cant speak for everyone else though."

    • Daniel about his relationship with Nina Dobrev during 2007: "This is probably the best relationship I've had, Nina is so beautiful and I feel so blinded by her love and my love. I'm starting to wish it would never end, I love her so fucking much."

    • when daniel was gone for the 5th season of degrassi they asked him who he was the closted to still and this is what he said:

      "With the producer David Lowe, Mike Lobel (Jay Hogart), and Shane Kippel (Spinner)."

    • Daniel: (About one of his fan encounters) At The N party (in NYC) — the fans were yelling, crying, puking. One girl did it all at the same time.

    • Daniel: (About his long hair) I decided to go with long hair because I was tired of going short. Everyone has that spiked look going on; it takes a real man to have long hair.

  • Daniel clark is one of my favorite actors, ive seen him on i was a sixth grade alien, ER, Degrassi ( of course!),just to name a few

    I recently rented the movie Juno, cause i had heard so many wonderful reviews about it.. It was an interesting movie.. the highlight i might add is that Daniel makes a cameo!! Yes thats right Daniel Clark in this years hottest movie!! It was a small part but none the less.. he was seen and heard!! Awsome!! Hope to see him in bigger movies.. and bigger parts soon!! Give this guy his own show.. or his own movie!! Or even better let him do a movie with his brother.. two hot talented actors in one movie.. WOW!! I'd go see it in a heart beat!moreless
  • He is so hot.

    Okay so he has a brother who is on an discovery kids channel called strange days at blake hosley high. He was on one of my favorite disney channel movies called model behavior which also starred justin timberlake. He guest stars a lot on all kinds of shows and is really cute. I think he looks better than his brother who i can't think of his name at the moment. On a hit show degrassi but haven't seen him lately on it. To me he was the hottest person on that show to me for some strange reason that idk.moreless