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Daniel Cook

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  • Daniel Cook serves as the host of the children's show This is Daniel Cook, by Sinking Ship Prodcutions.

    Something about this kid has annyoed me from the first minute. He seems very precocious in his shows, and, although he has curiosity and intelligence, which I think adds to the "cute" aspect that everyone raves about whenever they talk about him, I must admit that there is something about him that just rubs me the wrong way! Then there's his orange shirt that he is always, and I mean always wearing--whether or not that contributes to that annoying factor I cannot ascertain. All I can tell you is this: Daniel Cook is a very intelligent, curious kid who just so happened to stumble upon his own TV show, but he is very precocious as well--and something about that never fails to annoy me.moreless
  • Smartest kid I've ever seen.

    Daniel is the smartest kid I have ever seen on TV. For some reason, this kid seems to know everything. He knows some things that I don't even know. Daniel learns and does something every episode. When he is interviewing the people he is learning from he is sometimes really annoying because the people are trying to talk and he just keeps babbling on about something that no one really cares about but then there are the times where he is beyond his years. He knows things that most people his age would scratch their heads about. I don't know if his parents teach him the stuff before hand but if they're not, they have a very smart boy.moreless