Daniel Covell

Daniel Covell


12/24/1971, Fayettetville, North Carolina, USA

Birth Name

Daniel Christopher Covell



Also Known As

Conquistador Dos, Daniel Covell, Dan Christopher Covell, Daniel Christopher Covell, Curry Man, The Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels, Dan Covell
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Daniel Covell is an American professional wrestler currently performing in TNA, and other notable indies under the alias of "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels. Covell also used to perform in New Japan Pro Wrestling under a mask as Curry Man. Covell got his big break through winning ECWA's…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • At the TNA Victory Road PPV in 2007, he rejoined Elix Skipper and Senshi to reform the team/faction of Triple X.
      This was the first time they've teamed together in 3 years.

    • He says his most favorite moment in wrestling was when he got offered a WCW contract.

    • Although he is one of the founding members of ROH, he has never held the world heavyweight title.

    • His favorite comic book superhero is Wolverine.

    • He has said that if he could play a superhero in any movie, he'd like to play the role of Deadpool.

    • On Daniel's sternum, he has a tattoo of a symbol which means "life" in Egyptian hieroglyphs.

    • Daniel's "Fallen Angel" character is based on David Koresh and Kevin Spacey's character from the movie Seven.

    • In 2006, he was ranked #15 out of the annual PWI 500.
      His previous rankings were:
      2005- #17
      2004- #25
      2003- #20
      2002- ##57
      2001- #65
      2000- #76
      1999- #114

    • He is an avid comic book fan and collector.

    • Much like the wrestle Shawn Micheals, he switched his first and middle names around and added an 'S' at the end to form his in ring name.

    • He was on the TV show Distraction on Comedy Central in his masked persona Curry Man.

    • He has had 3 best of DVDs on him.

      They are: The Prophecy Foretold: The Best of Christopher Daniels,
      Say Your Prayers: The Best of Christopher Daniels Volume 2 ,
      Heaven Sent, Hell Bound: The Best of Christopher Daniels.
      The first 2 are produced by ROH and the 3rd one is produced by TNA Wrestling.

    • These are Daniels signature moves:
      Angel's Wings (finisher)
      B.M.E. - Best Moonsault Ever
      Last Rites
      Reverse STO followed into a Koji clutch

    • He wrestled in the very first Ring of Honor (ROH) debut show called The Era of Honor Begins. He wrestled in the main event.

    • Daniels wrestled TAKA Michinuko for his Light Heavyweight Title on the syndicated WWF show called Shotgun Saturday Night.

    • He made his pro-debut in 1993 during the month of April.

    • During his very short tenure in WCW, he was the hooded man that Vampiro was tallking to after his match with Sting.

    • Christopher Daniels Championship History:

      -All Pro Wrestling Worldwide Internet Champion

      -All Pro Wrestling King of the Indies

      -Ballpark Brawl Natural Heavyweight Championship

      -East Coast Wrestling Association Heavyweight Championship (2 times)

      -East Coast Wrestling Association Super 8 Tournament winner (2000 & 2004)

      -East Coast Wrestling Association Hall of Fame (class of 2001)

      -Empire Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion

      -Frontier Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Champion

      -Michinoku Pro Wrestling British Commonwealth Junior Heavyweight Champion

      -Michinoku Pro Wrestling Futaritabi Tag Team League Tournament (2002)

      -Midwest Championship Wrestling Tag Team Championship

      -IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship

      -NWA-Florida Heavyweight Champion

      -NWA Midwest Tag Team Championship

      -New Age Wrestling Federation CT Cup Co-Holder

      -Premier Wrestling Federation United States Champion

      -Pro-Pain Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship

      -Pro Wrestling Illustrated Tag Team of the Year

      -ZERO1-MAX United States Openweight Champion

      -ROH World Tag Team Championship (two times)

      -TNA X Division Championship (3 times)

      -TNA World X Cup (2004)

      -TNA Tag Team of the Year (2006)

      -TNA Match of the Year (2006)

      -NWA World Tag Team Championship (6 times)

      -Ultimate Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion (2 times)

      -Windy City Pro Wrestling League Championship

      -Windy City Pro Wrestling Lightweight Championship

      -Windy City Pro Wrestling Middleweight Championship

      -Windy City Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship (2 times)

      -World Power Wrestling Heavyweight Championship

      -World Wrestling Council Tag Team Championship

    • Wrestles on the Indy Circuit as "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels, a character that plays on people's religious beleifs. The characters catch phrase is "...and so is the Prophecy, of the Fallen Angel."

    • Is the only repeat winner of the East Coast Wrestling Association Super 8 Tournament , once in 2000 and again in 2004.

    • Wrestles in Japan under a Mask using the name Curry Man.

    • Broke his neck during his first televised match with World Championship Wrestling after a botched Asai Moonsault.

    • Wrestled in WWF under a mask as Conquistador Dos, a fill in for Christian during the "Los Conquistadors" storyline where Edge and Christian wrestled under masks when they couldn't get a shot at the Hardy Boyz's WWF Tag Team Championship. Daniels only wrestled one match on TV under the mask. Conquistador Uno was played by Aaron Aguilera, who would later play Jesus in WWE in 2004.

  • Quotes

    • Christopher Daniels: (mocking the ROH fans) Ring of Honor, Ring of Honor... God, if I still had hair, this place would be making it go gray!

    • Christopher Daniels: The code of honor is a farse! We must bring the truth, the light the gospel to the unbelivers. The wrestling fans who think that Ring of Honor is the gospel, we must save them form the lies. That is the gospel according to the fallen angel.

    • Christopher Daniels: Best Moonsault Ever!

  • The Fallen Angel is the one greatest tna wrestlers

    The Fallen Angel is the one greatest tna wrestlers. Chris Daniels is a innovative wrestler in TNA. His moves are awesome like the Angels wings and the BME(Best Moonsault Ever)The Fallen Angel gimmick was one of my favorites ever. Christopher Daniels has had many rivals in TNA the best one of all is him and his friend AJ Styles. he has won a lot of titles in TNA tag team champions with Triple X and The phenomenal AJ styles. I hope that Daniel Covell will go to the WWE and do a gimmick like the Fallen Angel and have a stable or faction like the Ministry of Darkness and him and AJ styles win the WWE tag team championships. and Have The Cruiserweight championship mean a lot more than what people think now of the X divison tittle. And he also wins the World heavyweight championship and Allen Jones(AJ styles wins the WWE championship the same night.moreless