Daniel Craig





3/2/1968 , Chester, England

Birth Name

Daniel Wroughton Craig




Daniel was born in Chester, England in 1968, but grew up in Liverpool from age 4 following his parents divorce. His father, Tim, was a former merchant seaman turned steel erector, while his mother, Olivia, was a teacher. He had one sister, Lea, older than himself. In secondary school he played rugby, and joined a few school plays.

At the age of 16, Daniel left his home town to become an actor. His mother enrolled him in to the National Youth Theatre in 1984, even though he would have preferred another drama school. To support himself he had to work as a waiter. Finally he was taken on by the renowned Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London in 1988. Even before leaving the school in 1991 he got a role in in the high-budget movie The Power Of One which also featured Morgan Freeman.

Craig may be best known to the world for his roles in Road to Perdition and The Jacket, as well as replacing Pierce Brosnan as James Bond.