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  • The best James Bond to date.

    What can I say? I liked him when he first appeared on the big screen in Casino Royale. No fancy gadets for this James Bond. Instead he's more hands on, when it comes to the action.

    I hope he does a total of eight James Bond movie all together, which would put him one past Roger Moore (no offense to his acting or his fans). So far, he's scheduled to do a total of five, same as Pierce Brosnan who didn't a fifth and final after all.

    It's a rare thing to have a blonde Bond, I think Daniel Craig might be the first, if not the second then.
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    Straight out of no where, Craig comes out to play one of the best protrayals of James Bond to date in Casino Royale. Some compare him to Connery, but I think he's better. He definitely stays loyal to the brutish style of Ian Fleming's original Agent 007 and that's a good thing.
  • Funny.

    Best bond ever. Great actor.
  • An actor with great skills.

    Although he has appeared in movies such as "Tomb Raider" and "Layer Cake", Daniel Craig hits it big in the movie "Casino Royale", the latest movie in the James Bond franchise, playing as a young James Bond with a somewhat grim behavior.

    When Daniel Craig was officialy cast as the new James Bond, some people, including so-called hardcore fans of the James Bond movie franchise, show somme disapproval of him, due to his look and being an unknown actor, even going as far as to make a (failed) attempt to boycott the movie. But those fans are proving wrong big time as Daniel Craig did a great performance as a young James Bond.

    With great acting skills, I have a feeling that Craig has made a name for himself in the future.
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    Layer Cake, The Invasion, Munich, Road To Perdition and now Casino Royale. Daniel Craig is a fantastic new star who made one of the best preformances as James Bond ever.
  • Good film

    Craig is at his best in layer cake, he plays an unnamed drug dealer who has honor and morals, but is then pulled deeper into the world of drugs and gangsters, i love the way he plays a dealer who is straight up with a honest and fair personality and his performance is good, the supporting cast are exceptional and you really invest in the characters but truly feel for the man with no name, as bond i like him and can see him getting a cult following and being the new connery- but they say that about all the bonds that followed him (Connery that is)
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    Of course, it's all about Casino Royale when talking about Daniel Craig. Therefore, I must say that his personification of Mr. Bond is fantastic. I'm even going out on a limb to say that he's my favourite Bond to date.
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    A relatively unknown actor in Hollywood, until the successful release of the James Bond movie, "Casino Royale," Craig has had a successful film career prior to this. His best movie (other than "Casino Royale") was "Layer Cake." His portrayal of James Bond was very real, gritty and smooth.
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    i've never seen his work, but as a gerard butler fan, i believe that the james bond role rightfully belonged to gerard.