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Daniel Curtis Lee

Daniel Curtis Lee


5/17/1991, Jackson, Mississippi

Birth Name

Daniel Curtis Lee



Also Known As

Dan Curtis Lee, Dan-D, Big Dan, Curtis Dan Lee, Curtis Daniel Lee
  • Hutch Dano, Daniel Curtis Lee and Adam H...
  • Hutch Dano, Daniel Curtis Lee and Adam H...
  • Hutch Dano, Adam Hicks and Daniel Curtis...
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Following in his brothers footsteps Daniel Curtis Lee began his acting career at age seven in Clinton, Mississippi. It was not until three years later that he really became serious about acting after getting his first Hollywood career as Bad Boy #1 in Friday after Next. He has…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • This kid is pretty darn good. He could be a stand-up comedian and be as good as a singer and actor.

    I am a big fan of his already but after seeing him perform his music in real life and watching his video when he was in Grease I now know that he is just talented and a true entertainer. He is kind with his audience too. It is a pleasure to see young kids doing things like this and can still be respectful. His music was clean and even when he started joking with the crowd he did not use any inappropriate words. He is somebody I hope to see again and again on and off the screen. We really need more like him.moreless
  • He is so funny to me!

    I just love laughing him and he makes me laugh. When I saw him with his brother and his dad everybody there was laughing so hard, he is so funny. One question asked was; "How much money do you make". He said, "They pay me in marshmallows not money"lol Every time I watch him on Ned's Declassified I have to laugh. I hear that the show was cancelled, I am sorry about that, I hope I get to see him on something else that is funny. I hate when some of the comedians turn into serious actors. I really hope he gets on another show soon.

    This kid is talented to me, every since I saw him, my opinion about him went up to a 10/10!moreless