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  • This kid is pretty darn good. He could be a stand-up comedian and be as good as a singer and actor.

    I am a big fan of his already but after seeing him perform his music in real life and watching his video when he was in Grease I now know that he is just talented and a true entertainer. He is kind with his audience too. It is a pleasure to see young kids doing things like this and can still be respectful. His music was clean and even when he started joking with the crowd he did not use any inappropriate words. He is somebody I hope to see again and again on and off the screen. We really need more like him.
  • He is so funny to me!

    I just love laughing him and he makes me laugh. When I saw him with his brother and his dad everybody there was laughing so hard, he is so funny. One question asked was; "How much money do you make". He said, "They pay me in marshmallows not money"lol Every time I watch him on Ned's Declassified I have to laugh. I hear that the show was cancelled, I am sorry about that, I hope I get to see him on something else that is funny. I hate when some of the comedians turn into serious actors. I really hope he gets on another show soon.
    This kid is talented to me, every since I saw him, my opinion about him went up to a 10/10!
  • I think that he's got more potiental then they show.

    I love Ned's Declasified but they could make Daniel's charactor look a little more appealing. I mean he's cute in real life but in the show he's just a nerd (a cute nerd but not really that appealing) and i think that they should give him a better style of clothing. I mean just because he's a nerd doesn't mean that he has to dress like that. He could be a stylish nerd.
  • Very funny!!!

    The directors and creators of Ned\'s Declassified School Survival Guide make him like the second most hilarious character on that show. Though they make him sorta\' a geek on the show, also a technoligy-loving one, but how he always is saying how he is so gorgeous, that is what makes him very amusing. He is also one of those celebrities that the whole world doesn\'t know about, so its not like he is one of those guys who dresses cool, talks cool, and all that stuff to get popular, he just stars on these smaller shows and just accepts how much fame he has at his position right now. He doesn\'t really care about popularity. (In real life, not when acting)
  • Just playing bad and ugly!

    I do not think I like you that much because of the way you act, dress, speak and etc. Well you need to be more decent in some way well I cannot blame you for becoming a Simon Nelson "Cookie" Cook blame it to the crew!! Well you just don't work for me sorry!! IMO!