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  • Great in all he does.

    Love him on Hawaii 50.
  • Fantastic, would keep an eye on him.

    Daniel Dae Kim, or better known as Jin Kwon from Lost, is just an amazing actor, theres no other way to describe, it might be because I have really enjoyed the character he plays on Lost, but he "pulls off" Jin really well. Jin is stuck on the island with his wife Sun ( who is also another great actor ) and one of the original charatcers on Lost since season 1, and has played a relatively big role in Lost. Jin I would say, is one of the main "go to" guys in Lost, he is just about always involved with most large action scenes and pulls them off greatly.
  • He is the one the most talented Asian American Actors.

    Daniel is one of the reason why Lost is one of the best Action and Drama shows on TV. He was a little mean in the 1st Season of Lost. But he lighten up in the 2nd Season. In the 3rd Season, we get to know more about his past before him and Jin got on the island. That makes him a character with passion and feeling. The first time I saw him, he played a small role in Spider-man 2 and he spoke english. Then I saw him on Lost and he spoke only Korean. I then notice he speaks both English and Korean. Which makes him a brillant actor.
  • One of the stars of Lost.

    I have been a fan of Daniel since his days on Angel where he played Gavin who was new to the special projects division. He gave really good depth to this character and was really good as the slick lawyer who could never win. I loved him in Billy when he is infected and attacks Lilah, the way he played a homicidal character was really smooth. Then he came on Lost where he was a completely different type of character who was full of flaws and that Korean pride that makes him so tortured. I really love his character on his show and he adds a lot of humor to the show at the same time. He is also incredibly good looking and is just getting hotter and hotter with time.
  • Review

    I have sene Kim for his roles on Lost and on 24, and both of them seem to fit his personality perfetly. I dont think Daniel will ever be a huge star - I dont think he will ever have what it takes to carry a show on his back and bring in millions and millions of viewers a week. Even on his somewhat big role on Lost, he is often overlooked even when he does come on screen and only in his flashback episodes does he really break out into the open and show what he could do. I certainly think that the role of Jin on Lost could not have been cast better, but I think this is a big a role in a television series that he is going to get - so I hope that he enjoys it.
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    I was never aware of Daniel Dae Kim before "Lost," but I think his acting is outstanding. From his lying about not understanding English to his backstory scenes--coming from a poor family and marrying into a wealthy one only to find out that he is part of a crime family.
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    I am really impressed with Daniel Day Kim about how he can put on the language the entire series. If you don't already know, he has a normal voice in real life and he must be doing a brilliant job to stay character.
  • Love the character.

    I am very impressed with Daniel Dae Kim's acting on Lost. I hadn't been aware of him previously, but now that I watch Lost religiously, I have noticed him in other things, as well, and he is always great. Especially having heard that he'd never done any acting in Korean before Lost, I am even more impressed. I really like his character and the insecurities and triumphs that Daniel brings to the role.
  • great

    I have become a huge fan of his from watching LOST, and now plan to sek out other roles, I haven't seen him else where, and it would be great to hear him speak english, he took Jin from what at first seemed like a very dislikable charecter, to a great rounded one, that you like and care about.. great job
  • He is one of the most talented actors in Lost.

    He deserves a round of applause for the acting he does in Lost. He speaks in Korean and has to pretend that he is cannot speak English at all. I remember the first time I saw him on TV. It would have been in Star Trek Voyager when he played a pilot from a world in which Voyager was trapped around. It wasn't my favorite Star Trek episode but I remember thinking that he was a good actor and I hoped he would get a role in a TV show one day. Now my dream has come true and he is in one of my favorite TV shows Lost. Let’s hope we hear more from him in the future.
  • Daniel Dae Kim is the Korean known as Jin Kwon on Lost. He cannot speak English in the show, and for most of the season does not know his wife could speak it. However, he later finds out that she is pretty fluent in both Korean and English.

    Daniel Dae Kim is the Korean known as Jin Kwon on Lost. He cannot speak English in the show, and for most of the season does not know his wife could speak it. However, he later finds out that she is pretty fluent in both Korean and English.
    We saw Jin as kind of a jerk in the beginning of the first season. He gave his wife, Sun, no personal freedom whatsoever. He would not let her open a button at the top of her shirt, nor would he let her appear in a bathing suit. But then we started to like Jin later on.
    Jin attacked Michael when he saw Michael wearing a watch that Sun's father gave him. Michael didn't know it was Jin's but later Sun tells him it is. Jin is handcuffed to part of the plain wreckage to prevent him from attacking Michael again, but later when Michael realized it was because of the watch, he freed Jin.
    We found out that Sun's father was the head of some sort of Korean mafia, and when Jin asked his permission to marry his daughter, the father told him to work for him in exchange for his daughter's hand. Jin did not know what kind of work it was. He was told he would have to deliver a message to a Byung Han, and instead of delivering it the way Sun's father wanted him to deliver it, he simply told Han very kindly that he(Han) displeased Sun's father. The father then had one of his mafia assisstants go with Jin back to Han's and show Jin how to really deliver a message the right way. And to prevent the guy from shooting Han, Jin quickly rushed in the house and beat him(Han) up, telling him he just saved his life. Sun's father's mafia assisstant then realized that the message was delivered clear enough and left.
    Sun realized the kind of work Jin was doing to support them, and she took English lessons so she could escape Jin and go to America, but she found out she loved him too much and stayed with him.
    Jin visited his father, and he helped him(Jin) to decide to quit after his current job he was performing for Sun's father. He was to deliver watches to Sydney and Los Angeles, and then while in Los Angeles, he and Sun would stay in America to prevent him from doing anymore dirty work for her father. But, the plane crashed on the way to LA.
    Jin was accused by Michael for burning the raft because Michael felt he(Jin) had something against him. But Sun explained to the survivors that Jin did not start the fire.
    Jin felt betrayed by his wife because she never told him she could speak English, and when she asked if they could start over, he said it was too late.
    Jin was one of four along with Michael, Walt, and Sawyer to leave the island by raft so they could get help for all the survivors. Jin was doing it mostly to help his wife.
    Jin is really cool just like his wife, Sun. They are two pretty well-liked survivors on the Lost island. At first I didn't like Jin, but then he grew on me. So he is a character I'm hoping will be even better in the second season.
    Season 1(8.0)