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  • Trivia

    • Daniel is a co-owner of a custom burger restaurant called The Counter, located in Kahala Mall in Honolulu, Hawaii.

    • Daniel was chosen as one of People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive for 2007.

    • While getting small parts in plays and writing and performing in an improv comedy group, Daniel considered a career in investment banking.

    • Daniel's acting heroes are Paul Scofield, Gene Hackman, Robert De Niro, Sidney Poitier, Gene Kelly, Denzel Washington, Robert Duvall, and Jonathan Pryce.

    • Daniel was a tap dancer in 1980's.

    • Daniel frequently makes up words when speaking Korean and often refers to the character of Sawyer as Chewbacca.

    • Daniel was one of People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive, 2006. He is found in the "Sexy at every age, Age 38."

    • Daniel played a variety of sports while in high school and also really enjoys Tae Kwon Do.

    • Daniel edited his high school newspaper and was student government president.

    • Daniel immigrated to the United States when he was two years old and was raised by a family full of educated professionals.

    • Daniel loves to play tennis, football, and go skiing.

    • Daniel is approximately 5'9" tall.

    • Daniel attended the same high school as Dwayne Johnson ("The Rock"): Freedom High School in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

    • After episodes of LOST portrayed Daniel's character as a stereotypical dominant Korean male, and his wife Yun Jin as a submissive woman, Daniel says he received angry letters, and even found websites campaigning against him.

    • Daniel has optioned the rights to the Leonard Chang novel Over the Shoulder. It will hopefully eventually be released as an indy film.

    • Daniel's wife is Mia Kim, and they have two children.

    • Daniel was voted People Magazine's "Sexiest Castaway" in 2005.

    • Daniel received a Master's Degree in Fine Arts from the Graduate Acting Program at NYU.

    • Daniel had never acted in Korean before being cast in Lost. He speaks English fluently and has previously only ever had English-speaking roles.

    • Daniel has said that playing "Jin" on LOST is a relief to him because he is finally playing someone of his own heritage (Korean), having been cast as characters of almost every other Asian heritage but his own.

    • Though they share the same last name, Daniel is of no relation to his LOST co-star Yunjin Kim.

    • Daniel played the voice of Rikimaru in Tenchu Wrath of Heaven. He also has voice roles in the games Scarface: The World Is Yours, Saints Row, and 24: The Game.

  • Quotes

    • Daniel: (on why he loves theater) There's something about being in a house with an audience, and having that immediate feedback. I started acting because of that energy; it's what feeds me on stage and informs my choices. What's great in theater is that you can sustain the arc of a character for a full three hours, whereas in film or TV, you have to create that arc in little pieces, and usually out of sequence.

    • Daniel: I've hung onto almost every love letter any girl has sent me.

    • Daniel: When I come home and hear my kids laughing or playing together, that automatically erases any tension or stress I might have from the day.

    • Daniel: It's pretty great. If you're gonna have to have a job shooting somewhere other than L.A., Hawaii is the place to be. The people are fantastic, the weather is fantastic, and it's nice to be away from L.A. actually, considering all the hype around the show right now.

    • Daniel: I used to be a boy scout. So I know how to make knots, and I know how to make fire. And I've seen Tom Hanks in Castaway, so I think I'm in good shape. No, it's really hard to imagine, cause when we're shooting, you start to think about the logic of the show and how you would survive on an island... I'm glad the writers have been covering a lot of that, like what would you do for water? That would obviously be the first thing that you'd be looking for, a source of water. And food and shelter and those kind of things. You know, I think I could get by, but I'm glad there are a lot of us.

    • Daniel: (On his fellow co-stars on Lost) We all get together at least once a week to watch the episodes at one of the cast member's houses. And you would think that in an ensemble as large as this one is, that there would be people who were kind of marginalized or aloof, but that's really not the case and everyone really gets along.

    • Daniel: Asians have a really interesting, particular row to hoe, because one, it's really difficult to break into roles if they're not specifically written for Asian people, and two, we have the privilege of being discriminated against one another. For example, if you're Chinese, they won't read you Japanese. If you're Korean, they won't read you for... etc. Where, if you're European, they don't say "You're French, so you can't read English." But for Asians, there's a lot of that going on. But when it does happen the other way, there's a lot of controversy, like Memoirs of a Geisha, people talk about how they're not Japanese, so you know, any way you slice it, there's difficulties, so it's a very unique position to be in.

    • Daniel: I interviewed at Wall Street firms and toyed with going to law school, but honestly I knew I wanted to be an actor. At the time, my parents were really against it. My dad's a doctor and both my parents went to very good universities in Korea, and it wasn't an option for me to not be a professional. So, I did interviews, cause I wanted them to know that I wasn't closing off those avenues, but I knew I had to do this, or at least try it. And I went in with the attitude that, I'll try it for a few years and see how it works out, and if not, I can always go back to law school, but once I was in it, I knew I wasn't coming out.

    • Daniel: (about his wife) Bless her, has been so supportive. When we first met, I was going to be a lawyer. I met her even before I had acted in my first thing or even wanted to be an actor. So she stuck with me through everything, and you don't find that very often in a woman or a man. People have their own paths they have to go on, and she made a lot of sacrifices for me. And that's one of the reasons I love her.

    • Daniel: I like directing for the stage. It's something that I started to do in NY, and would like to explore further when I get the chance. I also write regularly, but it's mainly in the form of a journal I like to keep.