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Dan Feuerriegel

Dan Feuerriegel


10/29/1981, Coorparoo, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Birth Name

Daniel Gregory Feuerriegel



Also Known As

Daniel Feuerriegel
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Brisbane born actor Daniel Feuerriegel began his acting career with several supporting roles in different Australian television series, acquiring international recognition when he landed the role of the German gladiator Agron in the world-wide acclaimed Starz series Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Spartacus: Vengeance and Spartacus: War of the Damned.



Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Public appearances:
      -2013 May 5th: Cinco De Gato! Party to benefit Kitt Crusaders Inc, La Descarga, Los Angeles, USA.
      -2013 March 20th: Visual Impact Now Eye Clinic, Los Angeles Science Center, LA, USA.
      -2013 March 13th: The Soup on E!
      -2013 March 2nd: XFINITY TV Party.
      -2013 Feb 25th: Hellmans & Walters 'Salute to the Oscars' after party Benefiting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Andaz Hotel, LA, USA.
      -2013 Feb 22nd: TMG Pre-Oscar Suite, The Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA, USA.
      -2013 Feb 1st: The Playboy morning show on Playboy TV + radio.
      -2013 Jan 22nd: Spartacus: War of the Damned premiere at Regal Cinemas Live Stadium 14, LA, USA.
      -2012 Dec 12th: NOH8 Celebrity 4th Anniversary party at Avalon, LA, USA.
      -2012 Jan 18th: Spartacus: Vengeance Premiere at Arclight Cinemas Cinerama Dome, LA, USA.
      -2012 Jan 13th: Screen International Pre Golden Globes Party at Silver Spoon, LA, USA.
      -2011 May 22nd: RiseUp Christchurch Telethon, Auckland, New Zealand.
      -2011 March 25th: Bare for Christchurch Afterparty, The Civic, Auckland, New Zealand.
      -2009 Sept 16th: The Starship Supernova Swing, Vector Arena, Auckland, New Zealand.

    • Polls:
      2013 The Backlot.com Hot 100 (Dan was listed as #6).
      2013 Logo's 2013 Hot 100 (Dan was listed as #12).
      2013 Huffington Post's TV Couples That Make Us Believe In Love (Agron/Nasir from Spartacus listed as #15).
      2012 Alfer Elton's Hot 100 List (Dan was listed as #55).

    • Photoshoots:
      2013 NOH8 Campaign (photographer: Adam Bouska).
      2013 After Elton (photographer: Clinton Gaugran).
      2013 Men's Fitness magazine, January 2013 issue.
      2012 In the Tub coffee table book photoshoot (photographer: T.J. Scott).
      2012 KarolinaK Photography portfolio (photographer: Karolina Khachatrian, stylist: Ingrid Debsia).
      2010 Australian Muscle&Fitness magazine, June 2010 issue.

    • Charity:
      -2013, May 5th: Cinco De Gato! Party to benefit Kitt Crusaders Inc, La Descarga, Los Angeles, USA.
      -2013 Visual Impact Now Eye Clinic, Los Angeles Science Center, Los Angeles, USA.
      -2012 T.J. Scott's "In the Tub" coffee table book photoshoot which proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Foundation.
      -2011 RiseUp Christchurch Telethon, Auckland, NZ.

    • Television:
      2013 The Soup as himself.
      2013 The Playboy Morning Show as himself.
      2013 Spartacus: War of the Damned as Agron.
      2012 Spartacus: Vengeance as Agron.
      2010 Spartacus: Blood and Sand as Agron.
      2011 Spartacus: Gods of the Arena as Agron.
      2011 Winners and Losers as Jake Peters.
      2009 All Saints as Brendan.
      2008 The Strip as Rhys Roberts.
      2008 Home and Away as Gavin Johnson.
      2006 Stupid Stupid Man as Kim.
      2006 McLeod's Daughters as Leo Coombes.
      2006 All Saints as Cameron 'Indy' Jones.
      2006 RAN: Remote Area Nurse as Ben.

    • Filmography:
      2013 Cryptic as Jim Jonas.
      2012 Ruin (short) as Fighter.
      2007 Between the Flags (short) as First Guy.
      2006 True (short) as Russell.
      2006 Burke&Wills as Guy.
      2005 Boys Grammar (short) as Ben.
      2005 Small Claims: White Wedding (TV movie) as Brendan Rigby.

    • Stage:
      2004 Sleeping Around (dir. Katy Alexander) as Greg, Belvoir Theatre.
      2004 Little Malcolm and his struggle against the eunuchs (dir. Amos Szeps) as Ingham, Old Fitzroy Theatre.
      2004 The Beauty Queen of Leenane (dir. Winston Cooper) as Ray, New Theatre.
      2004 Song of the Yellow Bittern (dir. Melisa Stafford) as Vince.
      2004 Pink Floyd's The Wall (dir. John O'Hare).
      2004 The Jungle (dir. Leonard Meenach) as Jimmy.
      2004 Merchant of Venice (dir. Diane Eden/Peter Lavery) as Arragon/Balthazar.
      2004 Histories (dir. Gavin Robins).
      2004 Rent (dir. Deborah McCauslane) as Benny.
      2004 The Three Sisters (dir. Jeffery Renn) as Solyony.
      2004 Soiled (dir. Deborah McCauslane).
      2004 They Shoot Horses Don't They (dir. Leonard Meenach).
      2004 Spurboard (dir. David Lynch).

    • Education:
      -1998 graduated from Villanova College, Coorparoo, Brisbane.
      -2002 graduated from the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane where he studied acting.

    • Personal:
      -Dan is 6'2" (185cm), has green eyes and brown hair. He is right-handed.
      -Nickname: The Fury.
      -Astrological sign: Scorpio (Born on October 29, 1981).
      -Dan was born with a heart condition called congenital heart block and, therefore, has a pacemaker (and a scar) in his left chest (it was first fitted when he was 17 and has been replaced twice).
      -Dan has a tattoo (the Celtic symbol for Fire & Water) on his right hip.
      -Both his ears are pierced.
      -Sexual orientation: heterosexual.
      -Lives in: (Since January 2013) Los Angeles, USA.
      -Family: Father, mother, two younger brothers and a younger sister.
      -Dan is German on his father's side and English on his mother's side.

  • Quotes

    • Dan Feuerriegel: (About the Agron and Nasir storyline in Spartacus): I would've been disappointed if all they cared about was two guys having sex and keeping their relationship purely physical. I think that would've been disrespectful. I love the fact that there was a deeper element. It was fun to play and to access those deeper emotions. I guess the best part of their relationship is that the audience got to see it from the very beginning and it's carried all the way through to this season. It shows that love is everywhere. Regardless of who you are or who you like, love is love.

    • Dan Feuerriegel: (About his heart condition, pacemaker and its scar): Being a kid and having that your whole life, it never stopped me. I never had that defeatist attitude because you're a kid. No one told me I could not do anything, except maybe long distance running or something like that. Also being a kid, I saw that as a novelty. It was something different. I didn't have a pacemaker at that time; I got that when I was 17. I had three operations in one year because the one lead wasn't working, it kept stopping. That's why it ended up being so big, the third operation it kind of, while it was healing it kind of split open a bit. It was pretty weak. So, that's why the scar is so big. I get it replaced every five to seven years. I completely forget what happened. I look in the mirror I see a scar, I do not register I've got a pacemaker until someone asks me, then I'm like, oh yeah.

    • Dan Feuerriegel: (About his heart condition): I was born with a heart condition. What I've got is a congenital heart block. It's actually the nervous system, not the muscle itself. So, basically what it is, is there are two nodes in the heart, one for the atrium one for the ventricle. Go for a run, the brain will send a message to the heart to make it go ba-bump-ba-bump-ba-bump. The two nodes communicating with each other create that ba-bump-ba-bump. My bottom one doesn't work. So, basically my heart would go, but it could only reach a certain amount.

    • Dan Feuerriegel: (About playing a gay character in Spartacus): A few people have asked me, as soon as they found out that the character was gay, they're asking me: 'What's it like to kiss a guy? What's it like to play a gay character?' I was like: 'I would have played him the same way if he were straight. There's no difference.' So, for me I didn't feel like I was playing a gay character. I mean, what is playing a gay character? I just did what I did and I guess perception is for the rest of you, for everybody else. I do what I did. You can make whatever you want out of that. So, that's how I did it.

    • Dan Feuerriegel: (About becoming an actor): First off, I was actually studying science at university to get into vet science. I think there was one point where I wanted to pursue acting, but of course people try to put you off all that sort of stuff and get a real job, so I was either going to get into radiography or vet sciences. So, I studied for six months. I realized that it wasn't for me. I hated standing in a room and studying. I was very energetic. I probably had ADHD when I was a kid. I auditioned for the acting school in Brisbane and got in and I haven't really looked back. There is no plan B. I kind of think if there was a plan B, it's your way of telling yourself that you might not succeed. I just don't want to have that attitude. So, it's either this or nothing.

    • Dan Feuerriegel: (About the impact that playing Agron in Spartacus has had in his own life): It's changed my life. It's opened my eyes to some amazing things, like how much people can connect with characters they see on TV and how one person can be regarded as a hero. I wouldn't consider myself a hero or anything like that, but I now understand how people love to have something they can emulate, something they can hold on to that gives them hope. That's been the biggest thing for me personally, that one man can make a difference in people's lives.

    • Dan Feuerriegel: (About his mum): My mum is like my biggest fan and she's the one who will basically do all the publicity for me back home. She'll constantly be talking to me saying: 'Dan, what's going on? We've heard this. Tell us about it! Dad wants to know!' And so I'll give them as much information as I can, and mom and dad are both my biggest fans. I love them to bits and just the amount of help they've given me through the tough times has been amazing so it's... I dare say that probably the biggest thrill is to see how proud they are.

    • Dan Feuerriegel: (About interacting with his fans): It's a lot of fun. I find it a giant compliment to what I've been doing. Any actor likes a bit of validation that what they're doing is actually creating an impact and that's the biggest compliment that I can get... I'm glad that something that I'm doing is actually doing something good rather than just being on the screen with people watching it.

    • Dan Feuerriegel: (About searching himself on the internet): I do. Of course I do. There is that, I guess that narcissistic kind of desire to go: 'OK, what's going on?' And regardless of it being positive or negative, as much as I enjoy it, I do take it with a grain of salt, because things can change just like that... and so I will enjoy the ride while it lasts, but also, I will be as respectful as I can to everybody who has enough time to be respectful towards me and to talk to me and to say nice things about that to me, so I will give them as much as I can back.

    • Dan Feuerriegel: (About receiving gay attention despite being straight): I'm flattered. Absolutely flattered. Any positive feedback is fantastic regardless of who it's from. I am very, very lucky and appreciative of the fact that so many gay fans really respect the work that I've done. So, I love it. It's fantastic. I love that I am able to... how do I put it? Just change people's lives, but also just do my job and people appreciate it and respect it.

    • Dan Feuerriegel: (About Agron, his character in Spartacus): Slowly but surely over the three seasons, I built up a bit of a following. Especially in the second season, no one really knew who Agron was and so, in a way, I had free reign to do whatever I wanted, which was great. I didn't have any pressure on me, no expectations. So, I did what was written on the page and just did whatever I decided to do, which was fantastic. Luckily it paid off. It's got a fantastic following and it's really exciting.

    • Dan Feuerriegel: (About being cast in a high profile series and role): It's been fantastic. I got a call from my agent saying: 'Spartacus wants you'. So, that was pretty exciting. First we just thought it was a guest role or something like that, but as the negotiations went on, we realized it was going to be a lot bigger than what we initially thought, which was exciting.

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