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  • You have to admire his will... two seasons? That is a guy who really has the PASSION FOR IT!!!

    First season, he just came and went as if he hadn't even been there. Completely invisible. I didn't notice him until the reunion episode, where they all gather to discuss the matters that were left unresolved.

    But then there was season 2 and, let me tell you, it was his time to shine! His designs were not only beautiful as they were also considerative to a woman's body AND, most of all, they were the better finished ones! Looked like the models could just walk out of the runway on them!

    I think the only reason he was eliminated so soon was because the judges were still thinking about his 1st season appearence!
  • Daniel Franco in my estimation is totally beyond adorable. A great talented designer we will hear from!

    Daniel Franco has the maturity and grace to make it. It's not all about him and the drama (thank God). He is trully gifted and evidently Project Runway was not his venue. I'm in New Mexico all of June and July. Hope he'll join me for dinner :) Phil in SC
  • I attending Daniel Franco's fashion show in april 05, LA. It was short but it was quite beautiful and ultra sophisticated. I work as a rep. & noticed he used cashmere, velvet, silk in modern tailored designs. Project Runway was there filming for the DVD

    Daniel Franco's collection in LA was surprisingly gorgeous. I work as a rep in LA and remember him from when he showed at Saks Fifth Ave about 5 years ago. He got a lot of press. He then vanished for a while. I was shocked to see him all crazy on Project Runway 1 and his design for innovation was ok, not as bad as Star's but it wasn't like him. Being I love Project Runway, when my friend got an invite tot he Franco show I thought why not. It was an elegant catered affair ( runway shows are never catered) at a beautiful art deco building on miracle mile. The clothes looked sensational and really well made. He tailored the most beautiful coats and jackets I have ever seen on an LA runway and I have seen them all. He used velvet and cashmere in a really modern way. Project Runway and style network were there filming.

    When I heard he made it back on Runway I flipped. I have a feeling he is going to take it this time. I hope he has a new approach and that he gets a chance. I can't wait!