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  • My Beast Master

    Hi Daniel, I knew it! I was a fan of yours in the remake of the Beast Master Series! Every Saturday evening me and at the time, my 5 month old son watched Beast Master. The baby would find the shows he liked to watch by using the remote for the television, I taught him how to use it! So we began with Beast Master, Zena Warrior Princess and Hercules, every Saturday this was our line up! So when you join the cast of my other favorite show, Y&R, I knew who you were, my "beast master"! I've been a devoted fan of Y&R since it first aired, could I take you down memory lane of the Y&R. I'll be watching always! You are a talent actor, well what can I say accept, some kind of handsome!!

    Kathryn L.
  • The man is great and sexy what more need be said?!?!?

    I have only known Daniel for his performance on Beastmaster and in my opinion that is the only performance I need to see the man is dead sexy and a GREAT actor to boot! I would wake up at 3 o clock in the morning just to watch reruns that is how great I think he is! :-D