Daniel Lue

Daniel Lue


11/29/1975, Houston, Texas, USA

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Daniel Lue graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in finance. He currently works as a tax account and last year started his own specialty coffee distribution company. Lue's favorite hobbies include surfing the web, martial arts, bodybuilding and pro-wrestling.…more


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  • The bulked-up kid, Dan just wasn't right for the game.

    As a contestant, Dan was the epitome of the Survivor "waste-of-space". As a gameplayer he offered nothing, and as entertainment value he also offered nothing.

    I'm sure in real life Dan has a lot more personality, but this did not come through on the show. Dan just seemed like an immature young guy who had spent WAY too much time in the gym prior to coming. It is easy to spot the people who bulk up in the gym for the show versus the people who are actually fit, active and strong people. Dan demonstrated his lack of coordination, balance, stamina and concentration in the balance beam section of the first challenge and, in my opinion, he was doomed from that moment.

    Dan also chose to side with the boys his age - which is usually a bad move. He lacked game-playing skills, and lacked self-awareness, and his failure in the challenge (and in the game) actually led to Ryan being kicked out for Dan's mistakes.

    Dan's most interesting moments came when he spent time bonding with Matthew through their shared knowledge of Cantonese. This was an interesting dynamic which could have been fun to watch had it had time to develop further.

    I'm sure that in real life, Dan is very good at what he does, but he definitely doesn't belong on Survivor.moreless