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    • Daniel: (on his City Homicide character, Detective Senior Constable Simon Joyner) He's really cool. He's the youngest of the homicide coppers and he's a really clever guy. I think he's got a good brain for it, but he's always turning up a little bit late with a hangover, his suit not ironed and shaggy hair. And he might be shagging the boss's wife…

    • Daniel: (describing Tripping Over) A bunch of people in their mid-20s, in the time post-growing up and pre-mortgage and kids, making mistakes on a global scale. Then you've got their parents, who are pretty much paying for the mistakes that they made at the same time in their lives.

    • Daniel: (on his character, Ned, in Tripping Over) Ned is taken out of his comfort zone from the very first episode where he says goodbye to a period of his life that had defined who he was. Suddenly, when that safety net of his identity through his job is taken away and he ends up in London - one of the greatest and thriving cities in the world but also one of the loneliest - he suddenly realises all the things that made him who he was don't exist, everything is turned upside down ... but he emerges at the other side of that [experience] a much stronger person.

    • Daniel: (on Tripping Over) I cringed when I first got the script. I said 'Oh I can't do this, this is career suicide', but the more I read the more I loved him and the more I realised that I don't actually think we are too similar as people - we've just had very similar career trajectories in those early stages. I think I could have turned out like Ned without the grounding I had from a supportive group of family and friends... but that's why I love him.