Daniel Magder

Daniel Magder


12/12/1991, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Daniel Magder


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Daniel Magder started his acting career in November 1997 by appearing in television commercials for London Telecom and The Royal Canadian both filmed in Canada. He kicked off his movie career at the age of five when he worked with Timothy Hutton in a pay per view movie,…more


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  • Daniel Magder was born on December 12, 1991 in Toronto, Canada. He has been acting since November of 1997, which is when he was only six-years-old. Daniel Magder's most recent role is in "Life With Derek", in which he plays twelve-year-old, Edwin Venturi.moreless

    Lets just face it, Daniel Magder is an amazing actor! I think he is great in Life With Derek and he plays twelve-year-old Edwin Venturi. He is constantly ordered around by his older brother, Derek, and his parents, George and Nora. Which means, he is stuck in the middle with his step-sister, Lizzie McDonald. Daniel Magder is an amazingly funny actor who, I think, could make himself really big if he keeps on acting. Just like I said, extremely funny, and knows how to make a lot of people laugh. I just think that he is AMAZING and I hope he keeps on acting for a long time!moreless
  • Sure, Daniel is a good looking guy..but..

    Daniel Magder is a first class kid..inside where it really counts. He has this thing called integrity. I looked it up and it's a good thing. Too many viewers, especially teens, just notice how a kid looks. They babble about how "hot" he is, but never really see the real kid.

    Too busy drooling I guess.. That's OK, and guys like Daniel can handle it without getting too much of a attitude, but I think it would be nice to hear some other kids and teens tell Daniel what a fine actor he really is, and how much we'd like to see him do some other things. I know for a fact that he can handle more demanding roles. I also know for a fact that he is being considered for a major film role. The reason I know, is because a very close friend of my family is the project writer/producer. The reason he is being considered is simply because he's a really great kid, a gifted actor and a kid who cares about other people. Here's a fact. There's way more to Daniel than what you see on Life with Derek. He can handle serious roles..and he has a good comedy take as well. In case you can't tell, I like this kid. My family likes him some really good producers like him too. A word from Ware Wolff..moreless