Daniel Powter

Daniel Powter


2/25/1971, Vernon, British Columbia

Birth Name

Daniel Keaton Powter



Also Known As

Daniel K. Powter
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Daniel Keaton Powter was born on February 25th, 1971 in Vernon, in the Okanagan Valley region of British Columbia. He is a recording artist most known for his first hit "Bad Day" that debuted in Europe in mid-2005 and making it as high as #3 in the European…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Daniels album, self titled Daniel Powter is fresh, original and definately beats listening to Beyonce or Trance and Dance music

    Daniel hasnt done as much publicity over in the UK as he has done in America, e.g appearing in Disneyworld, on the Kelly and Regis show, CBS, Megan Mullally i believe, just to name a few. His album is one i listen to the most i have to admit, as every song seems to be different, e.g. Free Loop, Song 6 and Bad Day, and, on the Deluxe Edition, Love you lately which i listened to when he recorded at the Carling Academy.

    Some people may think hes boring, but its refreshing to listen to piano based songs that he sings from the heart i believe.

    Some people should give him a chance instead of listening to Beyonce whinging on about kicking men out her life

    Canada should be proud to have such a great singer, makes a change also from Shania Twain i reckon!!

    Keep writing and singing Daniel, ya making a difference to some peeps!moreless
  • A refreshing taste in an era that is depending on only rap and R&B.

    Daniel Powter is seriously riding on a current wave aof success in the United States and is greatly deserving it. His first single "Bad Day" is #1 on the Billboard Top 100 chart, finally breaking the barrier of all the former rap/r&B streak.

    His voice is seriously very refreshing and his songs are gorgeously written, and the music is simply magnificent. Off of his CD, one of my favorites if "Jimmy Gets High" where his voice goes particularly high, yet it still sounds really great.

    One of his talents is making fantastic songs with deep melodies, yet aren't oversugared pop singles. You will seriously have to check this guy out if you have been living under a rock and haven't head "Bad Day" yet.moreless