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  • My family and I met daniel on the train at Disneyland on the 50th anniversary. He was so nice and very down to earth. We would love to have him over for dinner one night. The Gruenwalds (sgruenwald@sbcglobal.net )

    We saw daniel roebuck play gary marshall on the TV movie about Mork and Mindy. He truley is a talented actor and is great in everything he is in. The devils rejects and all the TV shows are wonderful. I always wanted to be in TV or film. If I was half the talent of Daniel I would be a great star. Meeting him was a pleasure to my whole family. He is no phoney when it comes to meeting his fans. He took the time to take a snapshot with us and shook my 8 year old hand. We would love to have him over for dinner any time. What a wonderful man.

    Scott Gruenwald