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  • This guy cracks me up everytime i see him!

    Daniel Stern is the funniest person in every movie he's been in! Like in Bushwacked,when he's walking down the street with his cigarite in his mouth,leather jacket,long curly hair and in the background they play the song "Staying Alive"! Or when he's been mistaken for a boy scout leader and he's teaching the boys how to all pee over a cliff while saying, "swing them high and swing them low"! Dude this guy is the COOLEST!
  • Daniel Stern is one of the best

    A great actor, hes acting is top notch in all of his movies. Home Alone and Home Alone 2 he played Marv great his scream was funny I never exepected a bandit could sould like a girl when he screams. City Slickers and City Slickers 2 another two movies where he is at his best some what goofy but not as much as in the home alone moves, my other favorite movie of his is bushwacked where he plays a guy on the run that stumbles on a scout troop and is mistaked for they troop leader, he has been in other movies but those are the ones I like the best.