Daniel Tosh

Daniel Tosh


5/29/1975, Boppard, Rhineland-Palatinate, West Germany

Birth Name

Daniel Dwight Tosh


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  • Daniel Tosh on Tosh.0.
  • Daniel Tosh on Tosh.0.
  • Daniel Tosh on Tosh.0.
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here's the story so far:
-born in Germany... preachers kid... two sisters and one brother...
-grew up in Florida... surfer... ok student...bad allergies...
-started doing stand up... UCF graduate... lazy... no girlfriend... hit the road...
-home in Los Angeles on the beach...

Daniel is one of the…more


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    • Daniel Tosh: (About Comedy Central's "Standards and Practices" relating to his TV series Tosh.0) They don't like making fun of children,... ...Handicaps are tough to get around. Women getting hit is a tough subject. You know, your standard. But the other things fly by.

    • Daniel Tosh: (On the third season of his TV series Tosh.0) We're certainly not holding back,... ...We kind of say what we want to say. We wanted to push it. We realize that the format had been tried a couple dozen times and failed before. And I think that was just our idea: push it as far as you can and see what happens.

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    Daniel Tosh is flippin' hilarious! His Comedy Central Presents show is so funny. Every time I watch it I crack up. Even though he has some definitely different and sometimes weird views on things his act is still funny. I think my fave joke on his special has to be the one on cargo pants. Where he comes up with something such as cargo pant day is beyond me but it still is truly funny.moreless