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  • Trivia

    • Daniela was a guest on the celebrity panel at the 2007 Perth telethon, alongside fellow Big Brother housemates Susannah and Thomas.

    • Daniela ate a fish eye on the 'Nightmare Night' themed Friday Night Live.

    • As at July 2007, Daniela resides in Western Australia, Australia.

    • As at 2007, Daniela studies journalism at university.

    • Daniela believes her worst habit is not thinking before she acts.

    • Daniela was the fifteenth housemate to be evicted from the 2007 series of Big Brother. She was evicted in a special eviction show, where the housemates voted her out, rather than a public vote.

    • As a teenager, Daniela suffered from an eating disorder. She now assists other people who suffer from the same problems.

    • Daniela entered the 2007 Big Brother house, along with Laura, as intruders. They entered on day 31 of the series.

    • In July 2007 Daniela posed nude for Zoo Weekly magazine. The magazine went on sale on July 30th, 2007.

    • Daniela was evicted from the Big Brother house on July 15, 2007, in the week where the public chose who was up for nomination and the housemates chose who they wanted to evict.

    • Daniela won Friday Night Live for the second time on Back to School night, on 29 June, 2007, and she took Zach to the rewards room with her.

    • Daniela won Friday Night Live on Nightmare Night, on 22 June, 2007, and she took Michelle to the rewards room with her.

    • Daniela admits that her worst habit is procrastination.

    • Daniela's favorite Simpsons character is Moe.

    • Daniela admits that if she could have any super-power, it would be the power to read people's minds.

    • Daniela describes that the best piece of advice someone gave to her is to love yourself.

    • Daniela says that the three famous people she would have to a dinner party are Oprah because she has so much knowledge and wisdom, Courtney Love because she is an insane woman with lots of stories to tell, and Matthew McConaughey for dessert!

    • Daniela says that if she was any animal, she would be a dolphin because they are spiritual, freedom loving and cheeky.

    • Daniela used to be a trapeze artist and juggler in a circus.

    • Daniela describes that her worst habit is not thinking before she acts.

    • Daniela describes herself in three words as charismatic, sincere and emotional.

  • Quotes

    • Daniela: (questioned on why Zoran might have nominated her during "Big Brother") Well I was nominating his as well. I don't know. We were just a little bit hot and cold. It was sort of weird. At first I thought he was being nice to me because of Friday Night Games and then I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I think at the end of the day, we were just friends. Everything changes from minute to minute, hour to hour. It's a weird place to live in.

    • Daniela: (asked what her boyfriend's reaction was after she flirted with Zoran) Well, we had big chats last night about every aspect of the house, not just flirting with him, and he was very proud of me. Of course he saw the flirting but there were many other things that I did in the house and many other moments, so it's all good.

    • Daniela: (on her photoshoot for "Zoo Weekly" magazine) I've never done it (posed naked) before and probably won't get the chance to have this experience again. I was a little nervous at first, but by the end I was feeling comfortable and relaxed and feel like I got my character across in the pictures. Well sort of. Actually no I didn't, not really. At first I was stiff and thinking 'Oh my god, what am I doing', but after a while I got more natural facial expressions.

    • Daniela: (asked if she went into the "Big Brother" house with a strategy) Actually I did. I wanted to try and control my emotions before going in and I kept telling myself, 'Just remember it's not real.' That all went out the window day two. I was chucking tantrums.

    • Daniela: (on posing nude for "Zoo Weekly" magazine) The original price wasn't worth me taking my clothes off, so I said No, but then they came back with a second offer that was pretty good and I took it. It's really good that a size 12 body is on a magazine that celebrates size 8 and lower so it's quite positive.

    • Daniela: (asked for the best thing about being evicted from "Big Brother") Being able to do what I want, whenever I want. Being able to sing commercial music. Being able to go to the toilet without being filmed.

    • Daniela: (on her "Big Brother" housemate, Zoran) I loved being around Zoran because he gave me this male attention thing that was lacking in the house. It was all just fun and innocent.

    • Daniela: (asked if she thought she would last as long as she did in "Big Brother") I didn't, especially with the whole Intruder thing, I thought 'two weeks then I'm out', so I was pretty chuffed with seven weeks.

    • Daniela: (on how she thinks the "Big Brother" house dynamic changed as the numbers got smaller) That's when you start to get closer to people, that some people start seeing other facets to you. I think even though we're all living in the same space, when there's a lot of you, you can still manage to go a whole day without seeing certain individuals. As the group gets smaller you start seeing people's more sensitive side, their opinionated and funny side. People like Aleisha, for example, and I never really spoke up until 2 1/2 weeks ago, where we were both just laughing and being silly together.

    • Daniela: (asked if she has any regrets from being in the "Big Brother" house) Nothing. Nothing at all. I wouldn't change a thing.

    • Daniela: I'm a bit of a MacGyver. I always make situations work.