Daniela Ruah

Daniela Ruah


12/2/1983, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Birth Name

Daniela Sofia Korn Ruah


  • Daniela Ruah arrives at the CBS, CW, CBS...
  • Daniela Ruah arrives at the CBS, CW, CBS...
  • Daniela Ruah arrives at the CBS, CW, CBS...
  • Daniela Ruah arrives at the CBS, CW, CBS...
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Descending from a family of Portuguese doctors, Daniela was born in Boston, Massachusetts and lived in the USA until she was 5. She attended St. Julian's School in Portugal, where she grew up.

Her first acting role came at the age of 16, when she auditioned for a…more


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    • Daniela: (on her son, River, being exposed to different cultures) He already is. At home I speak with him in Portuguese, David in English and our babysitter in Spanish. His Portuguese family is all here so it's up to me to keep in close to the Portuguese language.

    • Daniela: (on her son River) I've loved River as soon as he was put in my arms. I've loved him ever since he was inside me. But, still, it's another person, a human being with a life of his own that comes into our lives. So there was also a period of adaptation. But the love keeps growing so fast and it will never stop.

    • Daniela: (on being married in Portugal) I talk a lot about Portugal to my friend and colleagues and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for them to come over and visit.

    • Daniela: (on getting married) I'm a little nervous. Not so much about the marrying part, because we've been living together for the past three years and we already a child in common, but because I want everything to go down smoothly on that day.

    • Daniela: (on her first work while in Portugal and still in high school) It was a teeny tiny paycheck and working almost six days a week and hours on end, and there was kind of no support as a kid in high school. We had no tutors on set with us or anything like that, so I was literally fighting for my grades and fighting for a job that I loved.

    • Daniela: (on her role as Special Agent Kensi Blye in NCIS: Los Angeles) She had everything to do with me in terms of speaking languages and being well-traveled.

    • Daniela: (on her experience, when she was 19, meeting Jewish youth for the first time) I've never been around as many Jews in my entire life. Here, you don't feel the need to explain to people who you are. I am meeting people who eat kosher for the first time ever.

    • Daniela: (on the effect having one black eye, due to a birthmark, might have in her acting and her career) It starts the conversation, if anything. But I don't think it's ever gotten me a job or lost me a job. When we're shooting, sometimes they need to light my eye in a slightly different way. Otherwise, it looks like there's a big shadow over it. But that's pretty much it.

    • Daniela: (on her black right eye, due to a birthmark) This is my eye, my little trademark.

    • Daniela: (on her right eye's birthmark that makes that eye black) No, I can't stay serious. That's not true at all. It's a birthmark called nevus of Ota. It covers the whole white of my eye and darkens it. The square of the eye, the white part, is completely dark on my right eye, not just the iris. It's very common in Asian people but quite rare in Caucasians. It doesn't affect my vision or anything like that.

    • Daniela: (on her tendency of talking with a lot of hand moves, like the Italians do) Portuguese do that. We're very aggressive speakers. I remember when I was with one of my roommates in New York — and she's Portuguese, too — and we were in an Apple store talking about a computer in Portuguese. Some guy comes up to us and goes, 'Hey, hey! Peace, peace! Stop arguing.' It's not arguing. This is really just how we talk.

    • Daniela: (on her opinion regarding Portugal) I still love the country.

    • Daniela: (about her son, River, before he was born) It's amazing how in love I am with this little person I've only seen on a black and white screen. I'm starting my own family and there is no other feeling like it.

    • Daniela: (on having a son with David Paul Olsen) I'm so thrilled about this new chapter as a parent with David.

    • Daniela: (on being a Portuguese Jew) There's I'd say between four- and five-hundred [Portuguese Jews]. Not a lot out of 10½ million to 11 million people. My family is probably the biggest family there. But coming from a small community makes you want to follow the traditions of your family much more.

    • Daniela: (on her happiness regarding her first born son River) We are so happy, so thankful and feel so blessed to have brought him into the world.

  • The Best Portuguese Actress on TV

    I am Portuguese and i can tell Daniela is the greatest actress in Portugal. I mean she was amazing here and now she is step by step going to hit Hollywood. She's beautifull and a very simple person and did i mentioned? A GREAT ACTRESS? Her work in NCIS is amazing and she is clearly doing it. I mean she has already made a movie written by the Star King George Lucas. It is just umbelievable for someone from a small, small country. I am also on the movie industry, here in Portugal as a Director, Editor and Special Effects Designer and i am always dreaming of an oportunity to make it to Hollywood, but that is just a far away dream for now. I just have to say for you to wait, and you will see a rising star. Now, forgive me but here is something in Portuguese for Daniela: "Parabéns Daniela és o orgulho deste teu pequeno Portugal e dou os votos de uma EXCELENTE carreira nesse Titânico mundo do Cinema. E Quem sabe não trabalharemos juntos um dia? Parabéns e Continua sempre a mesma... fantástica,

    Rui Pedro Sousamoreless
  • If u can make it there u make it anywhere!! I always followed Daniela's carrier very close and I have a special affection for her due to her physical resemblance to my little sister which is also close to her in age.moreless

    If u can make it there u make it anywhere!! I always followed Daniela's carrier very close and I have a special affection for her due to her physical resemblance to my little sister which is also close to her in age. Sometimes we have to part ways with our country to actually make a difference in the world. She's doing as great there as I'd expect and it makes me very happy to see here succeed in the USA. All I want to do is wish her the best of lucks and a lot of goodies in her future! Keep brightening our days with ur awsome talent little star!moreless