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  • The Best Portuguese Actress on TV

    I am Portuguese and i can tell Daniela is the greatest actress in Portugal. I mean she was amazing here and now she is step by step going to hit Hollywood. She's beautifull and a very simple person and did i mentioned? A GREAT ACTRESS? Her work in NCIS is amazing and she is clearly doing it. I mean she has already made a movie written by the Star King George Lucas. It is just umbelievable for someone from a small, small country. I am also on the movie industry, here in Portugal as a Director, Editor and Special Effects Designer and i am always dreaming of an oportunity to make it to Hollywood, but that is just a far away dream for now. I just have to say for you to wait, and you will see a rising star. Now, forgive me but here is something in Portuguese for Daniela: "Parabéns Daniela és o orgulho deste teu pequeno Portugal e dou os votos de uma EXCELENTE carreira nesse Titânico mundo do Cinema. E Quem sabe não trabalharemos juntos um dia? Parabéns e Continua sempre a mesma... fantástica,

    Rui Pedro Sousa