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  • She's alright.

    Daniella is a very very good looking and talented latina actress. She is most well known playing bi-sexual character in The WB's hit TV teen drama series, "One Tree Hill". Her family moved to Tree Hill because of the pressure she was feeling back in her old high school about her being gay. Her character is infact a bi-sexual. She has a brother named Felix and has dated "One Tree Hill's" lead Lucas Scott played by CMM. And she has a brother on the show named Felix. The actor that plays Felix can be seen on Power Rangers where he plays Lucas.
  • She is an original actress and a walking inspiration. She guest stars in various TV Shows including One Tree Hill and Friday Night Lights. She also stars in various films.

    Daniella Alonso started her career in the film Academy Boyz. The she starred or guest starred in shows like Law and Order Criminal Intent, Law and Order, As the World Turns, One Tree Hill, CSI NY, Saving Grace, and Friday Night Lights. She also appears in films like Academy Boyz, Black Knight, Rhythm of the Saints, The Last Romantic, All You've Got, Hood of Horror, The Hills Have Eyes 2, and Wrong Turn 2. She is a Hispanic actress who knows how to keep her business and life hers, and not the tabloids. She is an inspiration and she is the Hispanic scream queen.