Danielle Fishel

Danielle Fishel


5/5/1981, Mesa, Arizona

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Danielle Christine Fishel


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Danielle was born on May 5, 1981 in Mesa, Arizona. Her birth name is Danielle Christine Fishel. She began acting at the age of ten, mostly in TV guest appearances and commercials. She is most famous for her role as "Topanga Lawrence-Matthews" in the television series, "Boy Meets…more


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    • Danielle: Some of my favorite memories happened in the Boy Meets World classroom. Not necessarily the set classroom, but our real classroom when Ben, Rider, and Will and I were all in school at the same time. When we started the show, we had little sectioned off areas for each one of us to try to focus and work with our own individual teachers, but it always ended up being more like a regular school classroom with all of us chiming in and learning little bits of what everyone else was learning.

    • Danielle Fishel: (on her relationship with Ben Savage) When we were 16, after four years of kissing and playing boyfriend and girlfriend, we were like, "Hey, do we really like each other or do we just pretend we like each other five days a week?" So we went out to dinner one time. It wasn't like a real date or anything, we were just like, "Maybe we should hang out outside of work and see if we really like each other." We just ended up joking like we always did, like brother and sister, and realized at the end of our dinner date that we're more like family.

    • Danielle Fishel: (on being recognized from Boy Meets World) People still recognize me from that show. And that's so fine with me. Most people aren't lucky enough to work on a show that sticks in the viewers' minds for so long. I'm never going to have a hard time with that.

    • Danielle: I am a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup fan and a Reese's Pieces fan. Reese's Pieces are an underappreciated candy. They're better than M&Ms.

    • Danielle Fishel: (on being arrested on a DUI charge) It definitely could have been worse. Nobody was injured. In fact, when I got pulled over for my DUI, it wasn't because I was swerving or speeding. I got pulled over because I didn't have my new registration sticker on my license. I wasn't out of control; I didn't injure anybody. It definitely could have been much worse. But that's a terrifying situation, being arrested for something like that. You feel so guilty.

    • Danielle Fishel: (on hosting the show, The Dish) If I wasn't as self-deprecating as I am, what I say on the show may come off as bitchy or catty, but that has never been my intention - and I don't have a catty bone in my body. It's all in good fun.

    • Danielle: (revising her old quote from when she was 14, the I don't drink, smoke or cuss one) By no means do I have a drinking problem. Yes, I do drink. I especially love a glass of red wine with Italian food. I actually did smoke for a long time, but I quit about five-and-a-half months ago. I certainly do not do drugs. Have never done drugs. So, that's something I did stick with. (laughs), And I still do shop. Absolutely!

    • Danielle: (about working on the Tyra Banks Show) I am a correspondent for her now. So I'm one of her little reporters. It's been a wonderful experience, especially being able to not have to play a character with it. I can just be myself and express my opinions and pass along things – just personally, I really believe in being a role model. You're given such an enormous amount of opportunity to really impact people's lives in a positive way, when you have the platform of public speaking. And I just really admire her and her desire to spread good messages to so many people. I am very happy to be a part of that show.

    • Danielle: I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't do drugs.
      I shop, okay?

  • Most known on the show boy meets world.

    Other than the show boy meets world i never seen her on any thing else which is such a shame because she's an great actresses and is very pretty. Wonder what ever happen to her. I guess she just couldn't find any jobs that suited what she wanted to do with her acting career. Or no body though she was good enough which is so not true and as talented as she is she should be notice way more. But the only time i see her is on re runs of boy meets world and shows that talk about child stars.moreless
  • She's such a pretty and talented actress. She should have been a bigger star. She's awesome.

    I love Danielle Fishel. She's so pretty and talented. Not to mention genuine. She's her honest to goodness self. No masquerade. And that’s what I love about her. She’s not like all the other actresses out there. Unfortunately, Hollywood doesn’t share my views. Even though Danielle hasn’t gone as far as some other actresses, she’s still one of my favorites, and all because of her outstanding performance as Topanga on Boy Meets World. She was the perfect choice for Topanga. No one could have done it better. She always played the part phenomenally. I just wish she had had more roles. Oh well. Maybe she will in the future.moreless