Danielle Spencer

Danielle Spencer


6/24/1965, North Trenton, New Jersey, USA

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  • Danielle Spencer was a true gem during my tv watching in my childhood years.

    I fell in love with Dee whenever I saw her on Whats Happening.I had such a crush on her when I was a kid.I loved the way she ate peanut butter right from jar. I think that was episode when Roger compared her to President Jimmy Carter whom was known as the peanut farmer from Georgia. Even though Roger and his friends thought Dee was a little brat. I always thought of her as an angel. Unfortunately it has been a few years since I've seen a rerun of Whats Happening. There is no doubt in my mind that I miss seeing her on my telivision screen.moreless
  • I grew up watching this show and interest in this show and would like to have some where are they now summery on this show ok thanks for the memories of this favorite and other all time favorites shows...moreless

    well i love this show and some other shows i think you shouls air them so the next generations and get the same great tv time and we did thanks again for the great input of our old time favoriture shows and when you think about it these show especially (what happening) and others were the great after school program that gave us laughs, cries, and teach us the facts of lifes.. and may all of us have a great memories of these shows in our hearts forever and ever.. thanks again tv.com for bringing this site for all of us..moreless