Danielle White

Danielle White


2/2/1992, Cincinnati, Ohio

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Danielle Marie White


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Danielle was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, but she lives in Bradenton, Florida. Danielle has an older brother named Andrew, a mom, a dad and her cat Mittens. She loves to sing, dance, act and do track and field. She wants to be recording artist when she grows up,…more


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    • Jeannie White, Danielle's mother: I actually was walking in the hall past the bathroom and I thought the radio was on, and it was Danielle. And she was just going to town.

    • Danielle: I'm a bubbly person and I talk a lot. I'm funny, I guess. I like to laugh.

    • Danielle: I Love to sing. It's my dream to become a singer, you know, and whatever I do, I just want to sing.

    • Danielle: I've been taught if you think about the words, then everything else comes.

    • Danielle: My family thinks it's weird that I can't even perform for them, yet I can get up in front of national television and give it all I got.

    • Danielle: (Before), they were trying to give us a challenge but these (CD) songs, they're going to try and make it their best. Because they're selling these albums.

    • Danielle: I'm feeling nervous because I'm here. I wanna win, but if I don't, it's still great 'cause it's a great experience and there's nothing else I'd wanna do.

    • Danielle: I want to thank my family and my voice coach that helped me, you know, because before I did this I wouldn't sing for even my mom or my dad. She helped me to... helped take it out of me.

    • Danielle I like to sing and I like to dance. There's nothing like the thrill of performing, I love to perform and I like get up there. There's nothing else I'd wanna do, I don't know - I couldn't live without doing that.

    • Danielle A lot of people are saying "Stay sweet" to me. Because when you're like, around all the cameras and stuff, you can get kinda full of yourself.

    • Danielle: (on being a singer) It feels awesome to have people that appreciate what I do, you know, what WE do. It just makes you want to do it more and more.

    • Danielle: (on winning) I wanted it so bad. I know the other kids wanted it really bad too. It was really exciting.

    • Danielle: (on winning) I always dreamed of it. I always wished it would happen. But now that it is, it's like I can't even describe it. It's such a strange feeling that people actually know who I am and think I am a good singer.

    • Danielle: I like my braces. I like 'em.

    • Danielle: Making it this far in the competition I feel really excited.

    • Danielle: The first show was so dramatic, because everybody was crying. It's really weird. You think, "There's people looking at me, I don't want to look mean, but I don't want to look too happy."

    • Danielle: (on American Juniors) The whole experience. It's really... It's like everything is ONE thing. Just everything in one package.

    • Danielle: I get attracted to all these duet songs, but I'm just one person. I have a lot of duet songs that I like to sing by myself.

    • Danielle: I just didn't expect to come from never being in the top three to being voted into the group. I really thought there was a big chance I didn't make it. I was prepared for that.

    • Danielle: It's really a funny feeling that I can go on the internet and search my name on Google. It's so awesome, 'cause I knew I always wanted that kinda thing.

    • Danielle: (on her vocal coach) She helped me so much with my voice, but not just my voice. She's helped me grow in so many different ways. It's just amazing.

    • Danielle: It's harder to perform for like, 1 or 2 people, than it is for a whole crowd and I don't know how that is.

    • Danielle: I've been taught if you think about the words, then everything else comes.

    • Danielle: (on the American Juniors competition) I think that what they want is something new and original. And I think you just have to be totally true to yourself. They're not looking for another Britney Spears, they already have a Britney Spears.

    • Danielle: If I can really touch one person, that'd be alright by me.

    • Danielle: I just love music, it's in me. Right now, I want that spectacular career and I just love performing for as many people as I'm able to sing for.

    • Danielle: (on the acting business) I know this is a tough business, but I've been given a great opportunity. And I'm going to try hard not to let it change me.

    • Danielle: Life in Los Angeles is kind of surreal, it's a lot different from Bradenton. It's so rushed and fast-paced. But I think that fits my personality, actually.

    • Danielle: (on her experience with the American Juniors) I've had an amazing time with the Juniors and we have so many memories, but I do hope I'll one day go solo.

    • Danielle: There are definitely times when I feel as though I wish I could be a regular kid. But I believe that everyone has their own set of challenges, and I've chosen this path. I can't complain; it's what I want to do.

    • Danielle: I think the most difficult song for me to sing was The Locomotion. Not because it was up tempo, but I think because it is not a difficult song to sing and required more than just vocals to make it a good performance. The choreographers from the show (Carrie Ann and Mandy) were not allowed to help us until the last show. So I made up the dance moves with my parents in the hotel room.

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  • She is clearly on of the more talented singers out there today!

    When I first saw Danielle on American Juniors I wasn’t that impressed. However, as the show progressed I started noticing how beautiful her voice is. Danielle’s voice is so clear and natural. Her ability to hit high notes is amazing! However, she has an incredible vocal range! Even though is more commonly sings in the high octave range, she can also sing low alto. When you listen to her voice, it never sounds overly forced. It just sounds simplistically pure and beautiful. This 13 year-old has great control in her voice. Her higher pitches are consistently accrete .

    It’s not just her voice that makes me a fan. When she performs on stage, she makes you feel like you are right there with her. Danielle brings spirit to the stage. She definitely believes in the meaning of each song she sings. I think that spirit and meaning are both qualities that most performers are lacking in today. I hope Danielle never loses that wonderful spirit she brings to the stage. She has shown wisdom of someone wise beyond her years. Fortunately, Danielle hasn’t let fame go to her head. She remains very loyal to all her fans,and realizes how blessed she is. I am 100 percent sure she will do well in all apecets of the bussiness. You can visit her website at: www.danielle-white.com