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    • Jeannie White, Danielle's mother: I actually was walking in the hall past the bathroom and I thought the radio was on, and it was Danielle. And she was just going to town.

    • Danielle: I'm a bubbly person and I talk a lot. I'm funny, I guess. I like to laugh.

    • Danielle: I Love to sing. It's my dream to become a singer, you know, and whatever I do, I just want to sing.

    • Danielle: I've been taught if you think about the words, then everything else comes.

    • Danielle: My family thinks it's weird that I can't even perform for them, yet I can get up in front of national television and give it all I got.

    • Danielle: (Before), they were trying to give us a challenge but these (CD) songs, they're going to try and make it their best. Because they're selling these albums.

    • Danielle: I'm feeling nervous because I'm here. I wanna win, but if I don't, it's still great 'cause it's a great experience and there's nothing else I'd wanna do.

    • Danielle: I want to thank my family and my voice coach that helped me, you know, because before I did this I wouldn't sing for even my mom or my dad. She helped me to... helped take it out of me.

    • Danielle I like to sing and I like to dance. There's nothing like the thrill of performing, I love to perform and I like get up there. There's nothing else I'd wanna do, I don't know - I couldn't live without doing that.

    • Danielle A lot of people are saying "Stay sweet" to me. Because when you're like, around all the cameras and stuff, you can get kinda full of yourself.

    • Danielle: (on being a singer) It feels awesome to have people that appreciate what I do, you know, what WE do. It just makes you want to do it more and more.

    • Danielle: (on winning) I wanted it so bad. I know the other kids wanted it really bad too. It was really exciting.

    • Danielle: (on winning) I always dreamed of it. I always wished it would happen. But now that it is, it's like I can't even describe it. It's such a strange feeling that people actually know who I am and think I am a good singer.

    • Danielle: I like my braces. I like 'em.

    • Danielle: Making it this far in the competition I feel really excited.

    • Danielle: The first show was so dramatic, because everybody was crying. It's really weird. You think, "There's people looking at me, I don't want to look mean, but I don't want to look too happy."

    • Danielle: (on American Juniors) The whole experience. It's really... It's like everything is ONE thing. Just everything in one package.

    • Danielle: I get attracted to all these duet songs, but I'm just one person. I have a lot of duet songs that I like to sing by myself.

    • Danielle: I just didn't expect to come from never being in the top three to being voted into the group. I really thought there was a big chance I didn't make it. I was prepared for that.

    • Danielle: It's really a funny feeling that I can go on the internet and search my name on Google. It's so awesome, 'cause I knew I always wanted that kinda thing.

    • Danielle: (on her vocal coach) She helped me so much with my voice, but not just my voice. She's helped me grow in so many different ways. It's just amazing.

    • Danielle: It's harder to perform for like, 1 or 2 people, than it is for a whole crowd and I don't know how that is.

    • Danielle: I've been taught if you think about the words, then everything else comes.

    • Danielle: (on the American Juniors competition) I think that what they want is something new and original. And I think you just have to be totally true to yourself. They're not looking for another Britney Spears, they already have a Britney Spears.

    • Danielle: If I can really touch one person, that'd be alright by me.

    • Danielle: I just love music, it's in me. Right now, I want that spectacular career and I just love performing for as many people as I'm able to sing for.

    • Danielle: (on the acting business) I know this is a tough business, but I've been given a great opportunity. And I'm going to try hard not to let it change me.

    • Danielle: Life in Los Angeles is kind of surreal, it's a lot different from Bradenton. It's so rushed and fast-paced. But I think that fits my personality, actually.

    • Danielle: (on her experience with the American Juniors) I've had an amazing time with the Juniors and we have so many memories, but I do hope I'll one day go solo.

    • Danielle: There are definitely times when I feel as though I wish I could be a regular kid. But I believe that everyone has their own set of challenges, and I've chosen this path. I can't complain; it's what I want to do.

    • Danielle: I think the most difficult song for me to sing was The Locomotion. Not because it was up tempo, but I think because it is not a difficult song to sing and required more than just vocals to make it a good performance. The choreographers from the show (Carrie Ann and Mandy) were not allowed to help us until the last show. So I made up the dance moves with my parents in the hotel room.