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  • Danneel Harris is just a pretty face.

    I'm one of the lucky people who didn't get the chance to watch One Tree Hill, as watching few minutes and anyway less than an episode out of curiosity is not enough to judge an over 5 seasons' series. And because of that, I can't say I've a long term relationship with Danneel Harris, actually I've never heard of her till last year when she got engaged to one of my favorite actors Jensen Ackles, and that was when I heard of her for the first time, and not as an actress-which I honestly can't say I'm convinced with so far-but as the girlfriend of Jensen. And I saw the title of her being one of OTH's stars and all. So, to get to know Danneel more, I started to watch stuff she was "acting" in, and well, I was SO disappointed, she is not a good actress at all. And really she needs a vocal exercises or something to get her high pitch voice better and not being so annoying to hear, and to know that her pretty face and slim body won't get her to be a better actress or to be seen as one, after all stripping nude in Ten Inch Hero and acting few sex scenes does not consider art, and I think many people will agree with me on that. But again, this whole movie was not the perfect movie either but you get my point.

    I can say I tried to get a better review for Danneel but I just saw a model not an actress, she has a lot of pictures than the scenes on TV shows or movies. She can use her face and body for modeling and after all, for an actress with her talent she won't be remembered in few years. Mostly if she didn't get better, using more than her sex appeal. Because she won't stay 30 forever, even Botox won't help, it will make things worse, that if she can get any worse.