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    • Danneel: Once you go down the nude scene road, it's hard to come back.

    • Danneel: Use me or lose me.

    • Danneel: (on how it feels to be part of the young Hollywood scene) Honestly, it feels like a nine-to-five job.

    • Danneel: (on partying and getting wasted) It stops being cute when you're 35. Also, sometimes you lose out to hype. I'll audition against someone, and I know they're gonna get the part just because they went to the right parties.

    • Danneel: (on Paris Hilton on Today) She was actually really good. [pause] I'm totally lying. She sucked. Just kidding!

    • Danneel: (on karaoke) I don't try to perform and be like Paris Hilton, showing up at some party and singing her new song.

    • Danneel: I always seem to play the bad girl. I don't know why - maybe it's because I'm better at it?

    • Danneel: My first name is actually Elta, but I don't go by it. I've always gone by my middle name.

    • Danneel: I'm in the Love House and also I have this whole thing with River. The stealing of River from Adriana. So that all comes to a head. That whole story plays out and then I guess I'm going to continue to be the scandalous one on the show. I'm into River, but I'm into a lot of guys. I flirt a little bit with Rex here and there.

    • Danneel: I supported myself by modeling for a couple years, and then I auditioned for a commercial and I booked it. So I was like, "Yeah, okay, maybe I'll do this." I guest-starred on MadTV a couple times. Then I got What I Like About You with Amanda Bynes. I did about six episodes of that.

    • Danneel: Danneel is a street in New Orleans. It's a school, a park and a street. I think my mother must have driven by it every day for work. We used to live in New Orleans.

    • Danneel: I lucked out and I got with a really good agency.

    • Danneel: I just knew I wanted to live in L.A.

    • Danneel: My boyfriend's [Riley Smith] in the New York Minute movie with the Olsen twins, he was one of their boyfriends. He's on the WB show Summerland. He's a WB kid. So he helped me with auditions and stuff.

    • Danneel: I didn't know anybody or anything [in L.A.].

    • Danneel (about her hometown): Eunice, La. It's very small. I think around 13-14,000 people. It has a little downtown and the post office. I mean, really small town.

    • Danneel: I moved out to L.A. and I modeled for a couple years before I started acting.

    • Danneel: I love California. I packed up everything I had and went there. One of those stories.

    • Danneel: I started dating this guy who I'm still dating now. We've been dating 2 1/2 years and he's an actor. His name is Riley Smith. His mom is a modeling agent in Chicago. So I flew home with him for Thanksgiving. She called this agency for me and that's how I met the modeling agency.

    • Danneel: (about filming the soap One Life to Live) At first I was really freaked out because I had only worked on sitcoms and we would rehearse Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and then tape on Friday. My first day on the job they give me my lines. I'm like, "Okay," and I go up there and I'm thinking we'll have rehearsal and then we'll have dress rehearsal then we'll shoot it. And it's like, we go up there, I say my lines and they say, "Thank you." I learned that if you say your lines correctly they're using it. It was so completely different that it blew me away for a second. I've gotten used to it.

    • Danneel: I love New York. But, I moved here in the winter. All I had was my little, L.A. bright red with a black-and-white striped leather jacket. It's short. I was walking down the street and snow was hitting me in the face. Everyone here had all black, long coats, no shoes. I'm in my bright-colored stuff walking around. But I love it now. I'm so comfortable here, especially because it's been hot. Louisiana's hot and humid. And then California... I'm actually on my way back to L.A. now. My boyfriend still lives there. I'm in L.A. at least every two months for a good week or so. I have to. I get homesick for the water. I love the ocean. I grew up by the ocean.