Danni Boatwright

Danni Boatwright


7/13/1975, Tonganozie, Kansas

Birth Name

Dannielle Boatwright


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Born on July 13, 1975 in Tonganozie, Kansas, Dannielle "Danni" Boatwright was apart of a big family that included seven brothers, she was able to develop a strong edge when it comes to competing. While in high school, Danni was apart of the basketball and volleyball teams, and…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Great attitude & personality made her one of my favorite Survivors!

    At first I didn't like Danni at all. I thought she talked too much.

    But then she instantly went from my dislike to like then to love and still love list.

    She had a great attitude as well as kept it positive and had fun I think.

    Also a bubbly personality to go with being a great athlete.

    She participated in every challenge and never said no to nothing.

    Invited the enemy tribe to come and party with her tribe at her birthday.

    Which was a risk but then became fun for most(except for Jamie!)

    Congrats to her winning and hope she enjoys her fame, fortune, car, and adopt a baby that she wants to.moreless
  • I loved how she played Survivor.

    What I like about Ms. Danni Boatwright is how she played her game on "Survivor: Guatemala", by not posing a physical threat to the other players. Instead of being a threat in that way, she did a great job of using her quick wit and sharp mind to help sway the other contestants on the show, with how she and Rafe were able to pursuade Stephenie to vote for Judd and then Cindy coming to mind. I also like how she came off as so likeable to the other Survivor contestants and didn't make the others mad at her with the way she played her game. I'm kind of happy that she won the game using her wits. I hope that she enjoys her new car and her million bucks.moreless