Danny Antonucci

Danny Antonucci


2/27/1957, Toronto, Canada

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Danny Antonucci


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Daniel Antonucci (born February 27, 1957 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian animator, best known for his 1999 animated series Ed, Edd n Eddy, which aired on Cartoon Network. Currently he is married and has two children, Tex and Marlowe. Antonucci was fascinated by cartoons (and other…more


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  • Danny is very talented with creating cartoons.

    When I first saw 'Ed, Edd n' Eddy', I really enjoyed it and it became one of my favorite Cartoon Network shows. Since I became a huge fan of 'Ed, Edd n' Eddy', I got the DVDs and his commentaries are pretty interesting. I find it amazing how he based his show off of his childhood and his son's life and how he based different characters on people he knew as a kid. He did a very good job with 'Ed, Edd n' Eddy'. It's a pretty funny show and just like other Cartoon Network originals, it seems even funnier now that I'm older and understand more of the jokes. When I found out that the Eds where ending, I was like "Awww!" because it was one of the last shows I liked as a kid that was still running. I'm hoping that some day, Danny Antonucci will make another original show for Cartoon Network that's hilarious like Craig McCracken did.moreless
  • He approached it on the classical sets, and I salute him for that!

    How mant cartoons do you see today with Cel animation? One. And that one cartoon is Ed, Edd n' Eddy! Danny is an absolute genius! I'd love to be able to meet him and the rest of the crew at AKA. Some one dared Danny to make a kids show, and he never knew that it'd turn out as successful as EEnE is today. He made his first ever cartoon at 14 years old! He's very talented, indeed. He managed to split his personality into three different characters (the Eds, of course) Not many people could do that and be successfull. Overall, a great guy, really talented, and my most favourite cartoonist ever!moreless