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  • Danny You are a 420Pimp!!!

    Please fire Tonya Harding. She is a stupid Bitch and has never ever said one thing funny. I hate her more each time I see
  • The guy has zest for life!

    Danny Bonaduce has been run over enough and I am not going to be another Mac truck. Danny is Italian, I am Sicilian, and we tend to have a larger than life zest for life. Not thay can't get you in trouble, lord knows that it certainly can, but it can also give you a drive to do important things in life. Danny, has just got to turn his zest in the right direction. He can act, that is a proven fact, the question is, is he ready to get serious and really try to make an honest career again? Hit the summer stock and work back up the ladder. I truly, believe that this man has it in him for one more try, if he will only give himself the chance!
  • He did not try to commit suicide. He wanted attention and pity. He is a \\\"car wreck\\\", and I feel sorry for him, bit I really feel sorry for his kids. To commit suicide, one would slice UP the arm, not across.

    Time for the Bonaduce family to GO!! It is enough that we have so much ACTUAL strife in the world without having to watch a grown man self destruct on cable television. Send Danny to Iraq. Maybe that will give him some perspective on how good his life REALLY is!!